Monday, October 3, 2011

Brrrrrring it Octoberrrrrrrrr!

Hubby only has the first Saturday of each month we usually try to do something special or unique.  This Saturday, it was CHILLY!! We spent some time in one of my favorite places, Barnes & Nobles.  I enjoyed a soy Pumpkin Spice latte, while sifting through all the lovely books....

And then we spent some time in the magazine section...Holiday issues already!?!?!

Then we went over to Dick's so I could get a new pair of boots.  No, they are not thigh highs, wedges, slouchy, sexy, cute, nor are they even remotely trendy....

My first pair of Timbo's...

 It was about 54 degrees outside on Sunday.  Our plans? Going to visit his parents at their land.

My survival kit: Beer Bread & Pinot Noir!

Fresh Figs from Grandma

The barn~kitchen
The cute little nook!

And, I don't think I've mentioned it yet but, my husband is an avid hunter.  I used to feel bad about it, but I've come to realize, if we don't hunt, then the deer population would go up even more.  I already see far too many deer that didn't make it across the road, and to me that is what is inhumane. It's just my opinion.  Plus, I cook all of the venison, so it never goes to waste. I make a mean venison stew!!

Handsome Hunter

Practicing for Opening Day

He was worried about his shooting...I think he'll be just fine!!

Grilled Organic Chicken--yum!

I picked fresh tomatoes from their garden

OK OK. My in-laws were right~ STILL DRY & WARM!

Their beans!!

a rustic little dinner in the woods~     

My Robin Hood!

It was an awesome day~the 49ers even won!! It'll be Joey's last day off for awhile.  The October Tent Sale begins this week, so he won't get a break until next Friday, 10.14.11

{Clothing} Hat: Gap, Fleece: Northface, Jeans: Guess, Boots: Timberland~Gore-Tex

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