Sunday, October 2, 2011

Date Nights

I know we don't have kids yet, but we still find it hard to make it out to dinner.  Lately, I've been on fire in the kitchen {in an awesome way!} and most of our meals are better than what we could get out at a restaurant.  I cook with mostly organic ingredients and I'm not afraid to try different foods. 

We went out with Joe's childhood friend Chris and his wife Jill, It was a farewell dinner for their cousin who's moving back to California.

Chris is also a foodie and so we trusted him when he raved about this place called Hedges.

I heart date night!! xox
Jill & Chris

The boys

We LOVE good oysters. These were EXCELLENT. So good, that we ran the restaurant out of them. :(  YUMMMMM

He was just saying to me how he still can't believe that we're married..OMG!!

I ordered the grilled Mahi-Mahi, w/ lobster risotto & truffle butter oil.....ya it kicked butt!!

Surf and Turf

Awesome new F21 ring--love love love

For my new blogggg!!


Joe being artsy...

I turned around at the bar and saw this couple!

There was a little old jazz band {3 guys}

and we danced to this song:

 A beautiful night with some good friends.  On the way home, we had to turn on the heated seats, as fall is officially here.  Here's to a wonderful autumn 2011!!

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