Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday: Fall Faves '11


Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I LOVE this concept~here's my first go at "PINNING"  :)

Will be making these for hubby...just need a cookie cutter~

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest
On my baking 'to-do' list.

Love this look! Yes please.

I definitely don't indulge all that often, but I did savor one of these last weekend.

"Tell Tale Heart" anyone?
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

True story.

Family means everything to me.

Who doesn't love a nice fire, a warm drink, a good book, & a snuggle?!

I've had a few of these already, yummy!

Would LOVE to try this on a pumpkin...cute!
Source: None via Jennifer on Pinterest

What have you checked off of your list?

Such true beauty~and ya don't have to rake!

I've seriously already had...5 or 6 this season, what!?

And it's only the beginning!!  Here's to the best fall yet.  Happy Pinning! {Warning: It's addicting.}


  1. Stopping by your blog for the first time. Oooh got me in the mood for autumn, that's for sure. Now I'm sad we don't have a fireplace... guess I'll have to use my parents' when we go home for Christmas haha!

  2. i'm nota fan of Autumn but your pins are cute!

    Trish @ Tales from ... 

  3. I am LOVING your fall bucket list! What a grand time to do all those things.

  4. Yum loving all the sweets! Those pumpkin cookies are too cute :)

    Love the blog too... I'm now following!

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  5. great pins!! i love your cute blog! i'm a new follower!!

  6. Wow thanks ladies!! I am new at this, but I LOVE the blogging world!! :) Nice to meet you.

  7. Hey Jenn! Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog and for following me! I can tell right away that I'm going to love your blog. It's so upbeat and positive. :) I have a long Fall To-Do List including going to the pumpkin farm, drinking apple cider, and seeing Paranormal Activity 3.


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