Monday, October 10, 2011

Whoa, hello blogging world!

Life just sneaks its way right in the middle of everything~which is great, but I haven't had a solid chunk of time to sit and blog.  I'll start with last Wednesday.  My three close friends, Matty, Kristin, and Alison, and I, decided to start getting together once a month for a dinner.

festive decor & toasted caprese baguettes !

It turned into one of those nights where everything, and I mean everything was funny.  It's also one of those things where, as funny as it was for the four of us, no way could I even begin to capture that and retell why it was so funny, even to my husband.  I brought along art supplies and pumpkins thinking it'd be cute.

I apologize in advance if the photo offends you, but I had to share, because I still laugh, really, really, hard when I think of this night. hehehe.

 Mine has one eye, closed. Kristin keeps calling it the Clockwork Orange pumpkin.

      Part of this gathering was to share reciepes, but mostly to spend time reconnecting, since most of us don't get to see each other on a regular basis.   It's funny how you can live within a 20 mile radius and never see the people you love.  Which is why, we began this new tradition, which happens to fall on the first Wednesday of every month. 
Our first monthly dinner @ Matty's!
The person hosting is to provide the main course, while the rest of us divvy up the apps, salad, & dessert.  The first time I made the apps (Giada's white bean crostini with prosciutto, and a homemade tomato soup.)  

Click here for the recipe

 This time, I called SALAD...because, I make a mean, mean salad...but that's another post/recipe. 

Oh, and who's hosting in November, you ask?  Moi.  Cannot wait for it; it's already on the calendar and I'm tossing around ideas of what to serve as the main course. Something festive, I presume.  I think I'll go check out Pinterest now...

Friday night called for a Master Class of Zumba, which was taught  by Jani Roberts.  She.Was.Insane.  I LOVED it!!  She looked absolutely amazing and I haven't worked out like that in a long, long time.   I don't particularly love the gym, but I do want to feel and look good. Zumba has to be my favorite way to work out by far, but the instructor makes it or breaks it.

I wanted to post an 'after shot'...but it was dark and I was really, really gross.

This past weekend was also my awesome hubby's birthday~YAY 34~and unfortunately he had to work most of the day.  Luckily it was Sunday so we were able to have breakfast together, I spent some time up at the dealership and he was able to get out relatively early (4ish).  He opened his gifts....lots of hunting items, Under Armor to keep him warm, some Polo Blue cologne {smells scrumptious & came with a free camping chair!} and one "surprise date night" on October 20th at 6pm.  He hasn't a clue and is dying to find out, but he'll just have to wait, and so will you!! 

We had Surf & Turf and enjoyed the 49ers via the Ipad2...and the NFL ticket.  

It was a fantastic night and I hope that he had an amazing birthday--  love you baby!! :-)


  1. How fun, with you guys getting together and having dinner! Also, happy birthday to the hubby!!

  2. That's a great idea to have a monthly dinner with friends. Really, it's so easy to get caught up in your personal lives, but spending time with friends is so important.

    What a cute doggie! Oh, and I'm absolutely SHOCKED by that raunchy pumpkin! Haha, it's OK, your readers enjoy a good laugh too! :)


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