Monday, October 17, 2011

Family Time

Saturday night we went to my sister & brother-in-law(to-be's) for dinner.

She made a chicken topped with goat cheese & sun-dried tomatoes, with a side of pesto pasta.

my sissy's all growed up hehe

Our host/hostess gift~mums~

I brought the salad

My sister Brianna posing nicely, along with my step-bro Tyler.

Joey opening his b-day gifts: Hunting gear!

He just can't take a smiling pic!

.so photogenic.

Loungin after eating too much yummy food, while the boyz played Madden 2012.

Sunday brought Joe to his first day of hunting.  Nope, he did not get one yet! We had lunch with his parents out at their land...
I was a tad chilly. Nice faces.

We then headed over to his grandma's house where Aunt Phyllis was orchestrating apron-making...

Inspired by my annual Holiday Cookie Party, she wanted to make a cute/fun apron for the holidays.

So many options: lace, flower, pocket?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas--can't wait to wear it! oxo

The master! Grams sewing! <3

It was a great weekend, Fall is in full effect and my favorite {Christmas} is right around the corner.  
What are you family traditions?  How early do you start to prepare for the big C?


  1. I love chicken with goat cheese! Looks like a fun time.
    Those aprons are SO cute!!

  2. It looks like you had such a great weekend!! Spending time with the family is always my favorite way to spend the weekend!
    I LOVE christmas too! So much that i listen to christmas carols during the summer. Is that too much? hehe

    New follower <3

    Happy Monday,

  3. yum that pasta dinner sounds so good, i want anything with goat cheese except i will be the only one eating it, my husband stays away from goat cheese. he doesn't know what he is missing out! i love christmas and can't wait for all the great traditions. although being married you get new traditions from your husband's side of the family, i am doubly blessed!

  4. My husband and I always go out and see 2 movies on Christmas Day. It gives us a chance to catch up on the Oscar movies.

    I would totally wear a Mrs. Claus apron.

  5. I LOVE spending time with my family, and it looks like you have an awesome one as well! And your grams is adorable!
    Love your blog!
    xo Steph (The Sweet Life)

  6. Awwww, what a fun weekend!! I love that y'all made aprons. That's so cute!!


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