Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday~Last of October~

Today is Pinteresting Wednesday & I'm linking up with Michelle at

A few of my current favorite pins...

I really wanted to find Holly a taco costume for Halloween...I better get on that!

I love finding outfits on here--
I just need some inspiration & go pull from my closet! {It has happened twice now!}

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

A little motivation always helps :)

Love scarves...cannot have too many!!

Nor can you run out of ways to wear them!!
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

An easy way to transition from Halloween decor...into Thanksgiving....then Christmas!!! :D

And of course an adorable little old couple, always makes me smile.
Someday that will be us honey!!

And a little soul food....yum yum yum!

The last book I read. If you haven't, it's a must-read!! I just started the sequel.

Source: None via Jennifer on Pinterest

Of course, this would be a "D" on our door--but so simple--love!!

And I'll leave you with my favorite poet, & poem...


  1. These are all so awesome! I really love the Taco costume and of course one of my favorite poems by Emily Dickinson.

  2. All of these pins just made my Wednesday morning so happy.

    And you really cannot ever have too many scarves. They are my favorite accessory!

  3. I love those scarves! (And the quote about working out it totally true--I need to tell myself that more often when I'm feeling lazy!)
    Happy Wednesday!
    Jenn@ Going the Distance

  4. I have that taco costume pinned too. Would love it for my Bella! Loving all the scarves too, so pretty!

    Happy Wednesday :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  5. You're right that you can never have too many scarves. And thanks for the reminder to work out...I've been sitting on the couch for way too long...

  6. I always love seeing old couples walking down the street! I always think thats gonna be us someday! By the way Im your new follower! :)
    -barbie @ Life as a Mrs.

  7. The Glasshouse has been recommended to me so many times! I really need to read it!!!!
    That outfit is adorable! :)


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