Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tastefully Winner & a Laugh

Happy Tuesday!
I want to start by announcing my winner of the Tastefully Simple Spices.
There were 42 entries and #33 was picked:

Liz Anne!
I'll get you in contact with my TS representative.
If anyone is ever interested in ordering,
{I know I need more beer bread, spices, and some dip}
You can always just go HERE
On a random note, do any of your hubbies {or significant others}
have silly quirks that leave you laughing, even after they've left for the day?
My husband has always been one to not take life so seriously...
in fact, he has really shown me what it is to live.
When we first started dating, I didn't drink on Sunday nights or weeknights because
I'd have to work the next day and I was that uptight.
(Wow, how my life has changed for the better!)
Well, I've learned to not be so rigid and Joe continues to
make me see how fantastic life really is.
He works so hard when he's at his job,
that I truly believe when he's out of work, he is just a complete goofball to de-stress.
And I love it.
He has this slight obsession with playing music videos on you tube
on his iPad 2.
and over.
and over.
The other day it was Wacka Flocka, {I'll spare you, you're welcome!}
Last night and today I have heard this song probably 15 times.
No joke.
I can just hear him singing it now in the shower,
or flailing around disco style singing this song.
And if you know my hubs, you know he's not exactly on key.
Which makes it even better!
So, with that, lovely readers,
enjoy your day and all the quirky people in your life!
{And please feel free to share said quirks below bahaha!}
I love you boo!
This video alone should get you laughing!! 
Have a great day.


  1. Now I'm going to have to see what Wacka Flocka is!

    Thanks for the laugh with the Rick James video!


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