Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Doggie Seizures & A Song

The sun is still shining, so that is a great thing!
Sadly, early Sunday morning, Sadie had a few seizures.
I have been bragging about how well she's been,
but she had them, again, and again, and again.
She had another one Sunday night,
and it breaks my heart to watch her.
Poor little Holly has no idea what to do 
either when it's happening.
What's just as bad,
is after Sadie has seizures,
it's as if she's not our dog.
She walks into the doors,
drools uncontrollably
and is so ravenous, I have to 
be extra careful to not leave food around.
She has started whining a lot too,
which doesn't make for a good night's sleep.
Having an epileptic dog is so much work!
Joe and I get so frustrated and upset sometimes,
but what can we do?
It's not her fault.
We try so hard to take good care of her,
but I know that I feel like I'm doing something wrong.
I'm thankful to have hubs to help me,
that is for sure.
I know that together, we are a team.
I often hope that maybe the seizures will go away;
she hasn't had one is a very, very long time.
I think it was summer, Joe said it was September.
Either way, it's March and that's still quite a long time.
What do you do when your dog requires so much extra TLC?
Here's today's tune running through my head..
It makes me think of how strong our relationship is.
I love you Joseph!
There is no stopping us.
We can get through anything together.


  1. That's so sad and scary about your little Sadie. It's so unfortunate when dogs have issues that we have very little control over. Our Bella has colitis. She usually gets a flair up every 5-6 months. There can be lots of blood and she is usually lethargic for a few days, it breaks my heart :( I hope Sadie feels better soon!

  2. Our dog, Bailey (who now due to the extra TLC she needs lives with my in-laws) had a 30+ minute seizure last year. We called the emergency vet and they told us to bring her in, even if she was still seizing. We wrapped her in a blanket and took her. The only way they got the seizure to stop was to give her two doses of the anti-seizure medicine. She luckily pulled through. After tons of tests they found out she had liver shunts and that supposedly caused the seizure. She hasn't had one since but shes now on a special food and takes pills twice daily.

    I hope your pup stays as healthy as possible.

  3. Poor girl! I can' imagine how rough that is to watch :( My good friend's lab had epilepsy and I remember how hard it was for her...praying for you!! :)

  4. Awe! Poor puppy! I hope she gets to feeling better soon!

  5. :( Breaks my heart hearing about your puppy! I think of my dogs as my children! I'm so sorry to hear about this. But I'm obsessed with that song! It's my favorite song at the moment! Hope things get better for you soon hun. xo

  6. Ah that is so sad. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that!! :( I hope she feels better soon. Sending big hugs.

  7. Awww, Jen! I am so sad to read about Sadie's seizure. That has to be heartbreaking to have to watch her go through that during and after the episode. She is SO very lucky to have such caring and loving parents like you and Joe! <3

  8. Well, first of all, Sadie is blessed to have such great parents! I can't imagine how hard this must be for you and Joe. Poor Sadie, I hope she is feeling better.

  9. Tag your it! :)


  10. Well Sadie is so lucky to have you guys to take care of her! :) Can't imagine how tough that would be to deal with! Hopes that Sadie feels better soon! :)



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