Monday, March 26, 2012

Hope for a Little Lamb

Happy Monday!
While the temperatures are no longer high 70's/80's,
{oh it's just 32 degrees, nbd,wth??}
 Spring is in full effect here in Upstate New York.
If I haven't mentioned it before,
I married into the coolest family ever.
I love all of Joe's relatives and always 
enjoy the time we spend together.
We went to Joey's Grama's house yesterday for 
Pasta Sunday.
Ziti with cheese just oozing all over.
Homemade sauce.
Pork ribs.
Chicken cutlets.
Pitehs, or however you spell these
delicious little fried bites of heaven with asparagus.
Red vino.
Espresso & almond cookies.
Yes, going there is always a treat!
The sheep had their babies 
but one little runt has been neglected by its mom.
So sad.
 Notice Holly's curiosity!
So of course, we spent some time trying to get it
to nurse from its mama.
So we carried the little lamb back out to the barn
to see if we could get them to re-connect.
Joe told me to let Holly go and run around 
{with the sheep}
Clearly that was not happening on my watch.
The guys had to hold the mama still
so that the little guy could nurse.
 He did drink some, but then went and laid down.
He's so much smaller than the other two babies.
The action shot {bottom right} shows how the other lambs
kept trying to nurse and not let the little one {bottom left}
eat anything.
Here is Big Papa
the "father" to all the lambs.
Holly was quite fascinated with him!
He is from a local farm/petting zoo
so he is really friendly!
 We brought the baby back up to the garage
where, Grams fed him some warm goats milk.
If anyone can revive this little guy,
it'd be Grams.
So, we intervened a little bit,
but nature has to run its course.
I am definitely hoping this little one makes it!
Hope your Sunday was as special as mine. 
Yes dear, if you make goofy faces, 
then that is what I'll post.


  1. awwh! So CUTE! It looks beautiful there! I'm in Maryland and it's not as warm as it used to be but I'm totally still lovin' the weather and the sun is shining so I can't complain :o)

  2. So sweet and sad! I hope that sweet little lamb makes it! I wish I married into an Italian family! I love the tradition of big sunday dinners!

  3. Aww- what a sweet lil lamb, I hope lil' thing makes it!! Go, Gram go!

  4. Awww the little guy is such a cutie! I sure hope everything turns out well for him. And what a yummy meal you were spoiled with! So happy you had a good weekend :)

  5. aw that's so precious hun! i love sheeps! especially the little guys... way too adorable! sounds like a pretty cute weekend! xoxoxo

  6. Oh my gosh, that little lamb is just precious! I want one!

  7. first of all that meal sounds amazing. and how cool you definitely did marry into a really neat family. and i love that last photo of you and your hubby too cute!

  8. What a sweet little lamb! Poor baby - I'm glad he's ok. That would be a neat experience though.

  9. Little lamb in a box! Too cute. I'm glad your family is taking care of the little guy. I hope he improves.

  10. I love this post. I love lambs. I want a farm so I can have a donkey, but hubs said who's the donkey. This seriously made me smile. I love animals.

  11. So you get to dine on AMAZING food and vino AND then play with adorable lambs?!!! Quite the life! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that sweet little lamb, too!

  12. That lil lamb is the cutest thing ever! I have a soft spot for animals...especially baby animals! I hope he ends up being ok!

  13. I've heard Upstate New York is absolutely amazing! That food sounds to die for, too. That's enough for me to visit right there!

  14. Pasta and animal babies, sounds like a great time!

    New follower! xoxo


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