Thursday, March 29, 2012

What to do in Charleston, SC?

Since we will  be visiting my mother
soon, in Charleston S.C.
Here are a few things we hope to do!
We are staying at a Bed & Breakfast
Our room is here! 
I'm thrilled to stay at this beautiful place
and enjoy a delicious Southern breakfast!

Dinner reservations have already been made
for 82 Queen Street
I cannot wait to sink my teeth into some
good ole fashioned Southern Cookin!
All y'all talk about sweet tea and fried foods...
I'm so excited to enjoy some!
I also love love love seafood.
We will also go to Coconut Joes
and enjoy a casual meal overlooking the ocean!
And of course, 
I am almost certain
we will be sipping a few lot
of these bad boys!
I'm hoping we get to walk a bit on a beach.
My heart is so happy, when my toes are in sand!
 For my history buff of a husband, 
we will be touring Fort Sumter.
I went when I was little, 
but I cannot wait to see it with adult eyes!
We will probably do a historic
tour around the city too.
Of course, no other way, than by
horse & carriage.
And as most of you know,
we are HUGE sushi lovers!
We may have to try out 
for lunch one day!
 And of course, there will be shopping...
I have heard that King Street is the place
to go?
Have you been to Charleston recently?
Any clubs/bars to check out?
I'm so excited to get away with hubs & 
see my mom!


  1. I love Bed & Breakfasts! We haven't been to Charleston yet but it looks lovely :-)

  2. Oh I love B&Bs. We got married at one and now I can't stop looking them up to find more we can stay at! The one you will be staying in looks so pretty! A horse & carriage around town will be amazing! So excited for you, have fun :)

  3. I've never been to SC but I would loooove to go! You gave me inspiration to plan a trip! I've never been to a B&B either. Isn't that awful?! I'm sure you will have a fantastic time. Can't wait to here all about it.:) xo

  4. I am soooo excited Baby Girl! There is an "English" pub you have to visit! I will show TAKE you there personally!! I can't wait....!!!

  5. I haven't been to Charleston since I was a little girl, but I always loved it whenever my family vacationed there! Your trip itinerary sounds absolutely amazing!!! :) Have such a fun time, Jen!

  6. We're heading to Charleston soon, too! I ADORE this city and jump at any chance to head down there. A few more ideas. . .
    -Hank's for a fancy supper
    -Hymans for a yummy seafood lunch
    -Firefly Distillery for a few hours of sampling;-)
    -The Market! A random place of wandering and shopping
    -The Hunley for some extra history
    -Ghost Tours are a fun way to end a night!

    Hope y'all have fun!

  7. I've never been but sounds like you are going to have an incredible time!! And the food ... That is one of the things I love about traveling, finding new places to eat!

  8. You are going to love it there!!! I've been there many times!! I'll ask my friend Jessica to recommend some hot nightclubs!! xoxo

  9. I have never been to a B&B but I have heard they can be great! You are going to have so much fun! My heart is happy when my toes are in the sand, too!

  10. I'm on my way to Charleston right now!! It's such a wonderful and beautiful place!!

  11. i love love charleston!! visited my aunt for a few days several years ago and i can't wait to go back!

  12. I was just talking to one blogger and she hates SC. I told her she was crazy! I LOVE SC and love Charleston the most! You are going to have a blast!


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