Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's OK, right? Right.

...I ate way too much homemade pizza and lemon meringue pie at my
...that after I wrote my post about white pants, I went to Old Navy and found a pair...woop woop!
...that I went for neon barbie pink nails and luuurve them...
...that I'm NOT ok with being behind on my shows...
...but I'm happy to be busy and enjoying this weather...
...that I really don't care too much about St. Patty's Day...
...I am super excited to go on a double date with my girl Alison & her hubs Matt tonight...
...I have been somewhat obsessed with skin care and I keep buying new products...
...that it feels like a mini vacation to me since I haven't cooked dinner, Tues, Weds, or tonight!
...that I went from 6 cups of coffee down to 4 and already regret it...
...that if it's not in my planner, it probably doesn't get done...
...that hubs and I are going to Charleston, SC to visit my mother and I am SO excited to get away!
...for said mini vacay, it's a reasonable explanation for the need of cute spring hats, sunnies, scarves, shoes....
....that since I played yesterday, I have a lot of cleaning to do today...
What's OK in  your world?
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  1. Awe, I'm cutting back on Coffee too. Just one cup :( BUT I'm cheating by having as much decaf as I want ;) HAHAHA It's just the major amounts of caffeine that I was worried about.

    And have a great time in Charleston! LOVE it there :)


  2. Playing is always more fun than cleaning! And homemade pizza is definitely worth a splurge meal!

  3. It's ok to indulge once in a while! Have fun in charleston! I've never been but I live only about 4 hours away. In dying to go!!

  4. I feel the same way--if I don't put it in my planner, it doesn't happen. I'm trying to reduce my caffeine intake, and some days are better than others. And that's OK! :)

  5. I love Barbie pink nails! Fun AND feminine! :)

    Also, I'm hosting a blog party, too - would love for you to join in on the fun. (And this post totally counts!)

  6. I'm with you on the Saint Patrick's Day thing. Not Irish, not much of a boozer ... don't care.

  7. Must see the white pants! I also want to see your skin products:) Have a fun date nite! AND how can you not be excited about St Paddy's day!!!??? I already have my green planned and we are having a date nite!

  8. Oh how nice it would be to go away to nice weather. Jealous.

    Happy date night!

  9. I have always wanted to go to Charleston. Have a wonderful trip!

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is not big into St. Patty's Day. I put out a little banner I made a few years ago but that's about it haha. Barbie pink sound so fun! Have a good time on your trip to SC!!

  11. Oh, how I love fun nail polish colors! Yours sounds very pretty! And six cups of coffee? That is impressive! I will drink three-four at work, and I thought that was a lot! Haha


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