Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Soup Recipe & Pins!

Happy Hump Day!
I'm stoked for Zumba tonight.
woot woot!
I am guest posting over at Joey's blog today
with a tasty soup recipe!
Go check her out!!
And of course I just have to use a few pins
I went for a massage yesterday.
I had a funny pain running up and down
my neck/back.
I think I slept funny.
The massage made me melt like butter
and I am feeling SO much better today!
This states all the reasons why it's not all about pampering,
but you should really get massages regularly!
Source: via Tara on Pinterest

Not too much longer we will be visiting my mom and staying here!

And not too much longer
we will be living here for a week
while my lil sis gets married!
Source: via Kim on Pinterest

So I've been really trying to eat healthy and get my workout on. 
Go check out my healthy soup at Joey's blog!!


  1. Gosh I would love a massage and a cruise. K thanks :)

  2. LUCKY!! I want to cruise sooooo bad! We have never done one, I would even do a disney cruise and take the babes with us. I am jelly! And girl you are smoking! Keep up all that Zumba!

  3. LOVE Cruises! Soo soo much fun! Totally jealous!

    Keep rockin' out to zumba, it's so much fun! xoxo

  4. i need a massage ASAP & so jealous of this cruise you are going on ! have fun girl!

    happy wednesday

  5. I have never been on a cruise but I've been told they are amazing! Have fun!

  6. Wow! Lot's to look forward to! How is Zumba? I've never tried it. Hope you can stop by and say hi sometime honey! Today's post is all about Mad Men fashion! Kori xoxo

  7. I've never had a massage! It's sad to say that my Dad & Brother both have & I never have! I need to get on that asap!

  8. That pink house is so pretty! I have never been on a cruise, I so want to try it!! :) So glad you got pampered with a massage!

  9. Yay love the cruise pin! I bet you are getting really excited!

  10. I've only had one massage in my life! I agree that they really are beneficial to one's health! I wish I could have one every week for the rest of my life! lol


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