Monday, March 19, 2012

Fashion & Family Time

I know I'm repeating myself, but 
I cannot help it;
I'm LOVVVVING this crazy summer-like
weather in the middle of March.
I don't ever remember it being this nice for such a long
stretch of time!
That being said, I have {unofficially}
broken into my summer wardrobe and 
realized that I barely wore any sweaters during winter.
Well, it's still technically winter, but it's so weird!
I have some OOTD to share.
I am noticing that I become obsessed with taking
certain photos;
sometimes, it's cooking/food
and others it's my clothing.
Sorry for my rando-OCD!
Dr's appointment
& dinner with the in-laws
Button-up: F21
Cami: Loft
Cropped jeans: Guess
Belt: Wet Seal
Flip Flops: Old Navy
Bracelet/Necklace: Caribbean islands
By the time I got to shower, 
I just threw on my workout gear to go hangout 
with Alison, get pedis & go to Zumba!
Look at lil Gracie; Alison's adorable daughter!
Capris: Nike Fit Dry from Marshalls
Shirt: VS
Sports Bra: Target
Jacket: Kohls
Sneakers: {not pictured}Nike
Thursday OOTN:
Dinner with Matt & Alison
We had so much fun & great food;
forgot to snap pix!
Even the boys salsa danced!
Dress: Guess by Marciano
Cream Blazer: Gap
Nude Peep toes: Candies-Kohls
Ran errands with hubs,
checked out this fabulous Olive oil/Vinegar shop
Picked up some freshly baked goodies at a bakery
and met with our builder for our new deck!
 Jeans: Guess
Shirt: Ralph Lauren Polo
White Cardi: Loft
Sandals: Aldo
Jewelry: Stella & Dot
Drink: Iced Vanilla Soy Latte---I.DIE.
Brought hubs up lunch,
picked up dog food,
grocery shopped
Warm weather + wet side braid= easy peasy!
 Dress: Kohls
Cami: Loft
Leggings: Vera Wang--Kohls
Sandals: Kohls
Scarf: Gap
Earrings: LC--Kohls from a swap!
So, it hit 80 degrees up in hizerrrr!!
I am such a summer girl, 
clearly I am ready for it!
{And I promise I ironed this darn wrinkly dress!}
  Dress: A gift from my step-mom Tricia 
White short-sleeved cardi: Kohls
Shoes: Aldo
Earrings: Italy
Necklace: St. Lucia
Flower in hair: Claire's
It was a fun-filled day at my parents house;
we celebrated my step-brother Tyler's birthday!
Hubs helped grill some fabulous Chicken wings
We definitely ate very well and enjoyed some 
summery beverages!
My sister tried to write on the cake...bahaha
And of course the little sunshine in our lives:
My lil french fry niece Adrianna.
What have you been wearing?
Have you busted out your summer stuff 
without wearing out your winter gear?
Have a fabulous Monday girlies!!


  1. Cute outfits - I have officially busted out the summer wardrobe too. This weather is awesome :)

  2. Love all the pretty outfits! The accessories are great too. We had such a mild winter but I still ended up wearing lots of sweaters because I am always so cold. Totally ready to dig into the summer side of my closet!

  3. I love that dress Trish gave you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. um how cute are all of yours outfits!! and i am just gonna say it your legs are smoking hot.

  5. I love it too Alison!!
    The minute I saw it I knew it would be beautiful on her!
    Many thanks to you (and Joe) for all of your help yesterday and for the delicious appetizers that you brought over for Tyler's party! It was such a great day! xoxoxo We love you!

  6. Love all the super cute outfits! Your niece is so cute! You and your sis look so much alike! I never even wore a coat all winter long...weird for sure.


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