Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sometimes & Always

Sometimes- I miss the ring of an old house phone.
Always- I appreciate the ability to carry the phone wherever I go
Sometimes- I wish we'd get a huge snow storm, lose power, 
and have to live by candle light &cook with the fire place!
Always- I don't want anyone to get hurt and am thankful to be safe from any bad storms.
Sometimes- I start worrying about things I cannot control.
Always- I let go and let will be, will be. {breathe}
Sometimes- I wish I owned a restaurant
Always- I am beat after cooking just for two, a week straight!
What's up Chevron?
Sometimes- I promise to love my body the way it is...
Always- I know I can be better and I know working out is doing great things for me!
Love my zumba
 Sometimes- I fill up an online shopping cart with tons of goodies
Always- {mostly always} Click the little X in the right hand corner.
Sometimes- I say I'm going to "fill my tank"
Always- I just throw $20 in at a time, hoping to find it cheaper some place else!
Sometimes- I think I want to run a marathon
Always- I will just stick with jogging with my pups.
Sometimes- I wish for things to happen right now
Always- I have learned to appreciate the now
Sometimes- I slowly isolate myself away from constant negative people/things
Always- I never regret it; life is short, be happy!
 Sometimes- I want a Jr.Bacon Cheeseburger, fries with a side of cheese & a frosty
Always- I value my health more than eating that!! 
Sometimes- I wish younger wives lived closer to me...
Always- We are surrounded by a lot of retirees!
Have a super Tuesday lovies!!!
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  1. What a cute post idea!

    I always do that with the shopping cart! Always! I just hate parting with the moolah! ;)

    I wish I lived closer to you :( You would be SUCH a FUN workout buddy!

  2. I stopped eating fast food a little over a month ago, but still crave a big mac every now and then!

  3. I do the same thing with gas haha :-)

  4. So true about the phone thing, I mean, don't you just love a good love story where the boy is always on a "chase" to find the girl that moved away from town or something? In today's world that would never happen. There's facebook, twitter, cell phones. I wish sometimes people would be HARDER to get in touch with. This is a great post though! and I agree with everything you posted!

  5. I ALWAYS want a fatty snack, lol, but I know I should choose the healthier option. I also can relate to trying to love my body as is... but I know that I can be so much healthier if I stick to it. Love your blog!

  6. I've been wanting a huge snow storm. We didn't get one this year in West Tennessee and it is too lame.

  7. HAHA I wish young wives lived around me too! Namely...YOU! We would have so much fun drinking lattes and vino and trading recipes to cook for our hubbies:) And now I want Wendy's. I fill my online carts up too! I call it a pretend spend!

  8. AHH I do the same thing with online shopping carts!!! Then I'll go back and be upset if an item is sold out haaha SO irrational! And oooh that is SO me about the gas. I'm actually just too lazy to stand there for longer than $20 worth.

  9. yumm... now i'm hungry for a jr. bacon cheeseburger and a frosty. But like you, I would never do that to my body! Although I could really eat one! ;)

  10. So funny I always fill up my cart and never order! :)
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  11. Love the Jr Bacon cheeseburger one. That's what I'd want at Wendy's too, ha.

    Love these.

    COOKING for two is hard!

  12. I'm with you on the online shopping. I get buyer's remorse pretty quick sometimes and don't follow through on buying anything at all.


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