Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monogramed Goodies!!

I just feel SO ALIVE with this sunny, Spring day!!
Today we're revealing our monogram swap goodies!!
I was paired up with the sweet Sara @ Simply Sara
She sent me a perfect monogrammed tray!
She had it all wrapped in pink tissue
{my faaaavorite color}
A thoughtful card 
{check out the monogram theme}
And even enclosed yummy Valentine's Day Chocolates!
 I decided it was time to organize my pretty things,
and so I am now using this amazing tray
as "My favorites" collector.
I keep my favorite perfume, Coach Poppy
and some of my favorite pieces to wear.
I love the simple, yet girlie look of it!
Thank you Sara.
 Check out what I got here over at Simply Sara 
I love it.
I think I may need another!
Tonight's my girls night--
I'm hosting.


  1. Such a fun swap! Love your tray!

  2. Love this tray! It is so cute! Have fun tonight!

  3. I love how it looks, I think I want to go back and get one for myself, hehe....

  4. Love that monogram tray so beautiful! :-)

  5. What an awesome swap! I looove your monogram tray, so very pretty. Is that Coach Poppy perfume I spy there?!

  6. LOVE IT!!! I love coach poppy perfume too. Hehe.. it's gorgeous today here in MD as well. Counting down the days until spring! Enjoy the rest of your beautiful day! *xo*

  7. Why was I not aware of this awesome swap?? So jealous!


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