Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Randoms & Sunless Tan Lotion Review

TGIF Lovies!!
Hubs and I have been uber busy today...
all good stuff!
We have pretty much finalized our decking plans,
we just need to place the order.
We're going with a composite deck, and apparently
you have to run it a certain way with enough support
otherwise it will sag. 
{FYI, I'm sure you're all dying to know that!}
We started to shop around so that we can recreate 
this first image here!
I saw a few sets at Target I like...
I'm all about the popping of a bright orange!
 So, if we can't find the cushions that color,
I'll accessorize with throw pillows!
We're looking at curtains for our living room too. 
I found these online through Bed Bath & Beyond
No, we don't have a cool veranda that
it would open up to, but there's a window seat 
thingy where the dogs sit, so I want something
pretty but durable!
Speaking of dogs, our pretty wood flooring
is getting a little beaten up...
So now I'm looking for a good looking 
{somewhat inexpensive}
throw rug, about 5x7
I found these on Overstock:
Or this one for $150
I was thinking cream... {hide dog hair ugh!}
And totally random, but,
do any of you watch Bethenny Ever After?
I'm in love with her style;
and she tends to wear fun blazers and cardis
over this simple white tank.
Of course, she created it.
It doesn't ride up and I love that it's a tad longer and 
appears to be a bit sturdier?
Oh, and it's a "shaper"
It's $32 and I'm kinda thinking I need to buy it.
And I have finally picked up a book 
{or rather my Nook}
and am currently reading Prep.
I am not very far, but I am already hooked!
I heard it was a good one, so I hope to get
further into it soon.
 And my latest obsessions:
Faux Tan Lotions.
I went to the Dr and got a mole checked/removed
{It was not cancerous, thank goodness!}
and it just makes me a bit more aware of how 
I am treating my 30+ year old skin.
I believe a tan can be healthy,
but not all year long and all day, every day.
I will tan before we go away 
on our cruise, because I know that burning
is far worse than tanning your skin.
But for now, if I want a little color
I turn to these two new friends:
From Bare Escentuals
This one is $22 
-4.5 oz
-lasts 5-7 like it says
-has a slight smell "fake tan"
-turns your hands orange for a few hand washes
 (even when I washed them right after)
-will streak if you don't rub it in well enough
The other one I got from my nail salon
-You can find it on Amazon here
-a bit more money $31
-4.2 oz
-has a smell
-will stain hands if you don't wash right away
-doesn't seem to last as long, but does give instant color
-will streak if you don't rub it in well enough
I recommend both products;
I would most likely buy the BE lotion again.
I have been mixing them with my regular lotion 
and it seems to use less and then you can apply it 
without smelling too "stinky tan"
I haven't tried the St. Tropez like others have mentioned, but I just may!
I love having a tad of color on my pale pale skin!
I'm off to go read...and make diner.
And sip some vino.
Happy Weekend!!

*These are strictly my opinions and I have not received anything for these reviews.*


  1. Thanks for the review! I have been wanting to get some tanners, but wanted to read what others thought first.

  2. I have a bottle of St. Tropez right now. It's the bomb! Love it. I haven't used in a while. I let my tan go a bit to try the spray stuff to compare. I bought the Banana Boat Spray, so we will see. I will let you know. Also, St. Tropez makes this stuff that you can wash your hands with afterwards and it takes the orange right out.

  3. you gotta try fake bake flawless! im on my 2nd bottle. Its so natural and give you a nice golden color :) its a spray, so you spray it on, then rub it in with the mitt they give you.. you get the "tan" smell until you wash the color guard off. but then after that, there is no smell. I use it before bed, then shower in the morning.. and its very natural looking, and goof proof. I go over my hands and feet very lightly :)

  4. Love both those deck furniture options!! So fun! I need to try those tan creams on my white Canadian body!!

  5. I love Xentan sunless tanning lotion, I have a medium skin tone of BE wasn't dark enough and didn't last long enough.

    I know the feeling about having a spot removed, I had the same thing done. Worst feeling/ wait ever! However, I still miss tanning, is that bad?

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Um, I believe I need that tank top, and I don't even wear pants. And you will LOVE Prep!!! I read that over my winter break this year. When you're through reading it, you feel like you've been right there with Lee for her four years of prep school. It's a neat experience!

  7. I like the first rug best! :) And I love Bethanys style!
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  8. Love the deck furniture! I spray tan before we go out of town but on the reg I use Loreal tanning lotion and neutrogena spray. It is stinky but not too bad and it gives a good natural color. I cringe when I think of all the years I laid in a tanning bed! yikes.

  9. I absolutely love Bethenny Frankle! I think she would be our friend in real life :)


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