Friday, March 23, 2012

Just in Case You're Interested...

TGIF friends!
As usual, I'm enjoying my Friday "off" with the hubs!
We had a fun breakfast with his parents, "Happy Birthday Dad!!"
I can smell my whole wheat banana almond muffins baking,
{and now that I'm done with the post, I ate one.}
We are going for sushi for dinner!
I just wanted to share my new favorite silly song...
Yes, I am well I must be a teenage girl or something.
I think what I love most, besides the cutesy upbeat tempo,
are the lyrics.
It reminds me when Joe and I were e-mailing on MySpace.
Yes, girls, I said it.
We wrote to each other, back and forth, for a few days...
then kind of met other people...
but then I got a "Happy New Year"
and I responded.
I wanted him sooo badly to ask for my number
or ask me out 
or something!
So I wrote him one evening.
Then as I ran up the stairs to go get ready to go out,
I stopped, ran back down
and wrote 
"Oh, and just in case you're interested..."
Here's my cell...
I didn't say, "Call me Maybe",
 but he shortly thereafter
did text me.
Then called me.
Then asked me out.
And, well obviously, 
the rest is still an unbelievable love story!
I love him more every day.
So all the single ladies, 
you may have to give out your number, 
and have him call you maybe!


  1. So sweet! I love this song! I sometimes think back to the butterflies I felt when Jim and I were first dating, and even now after 10 years and 2 kids, he still makes me feel butterflies:) LOVE!!

  2. SO funny because I'm such a teeny booper, as my dad says, when it comes to music! LOL. Such a cute song :o) Have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh, that song is so cute! I love the twist at the end of the video! LOL! I listen to silly teenage pop music too. It gets me to workout and it's fun!

    Um, you can't mention banana almond muffins...then tell us how good they taste...and then NOT give us the recipe! Share it, pretty please?

  4. I've had this song on repeat for like a week! So fun! :)

  5. I've been OBSESSING over that song! It's SO catchy :) I love it :):):)


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