Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday: White Pants/Shorts

Happy Hump Day!!
I am still in shock over this gooorgeous weather.
67 degrees in March?
I'll take it!
It's supposed to hit 70 this weekend!
I am just loving walking the dogs sans coat and getting fresh vitamin D!
I have been trying to walk the dogs and do a workout as well,
I did it yesterday and I hope to do it again today!
I want to be feeling and looking good in all my Spring and Summer clothes.
I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple
Some of my favorite PINS this week include:
The White Pants
or White Shorts.
I love the versatility of white.
It's symbolic of being pure and innocent
and yet, tight, white, bottoms elude anything but(t)!
You can wear it laid back with linens and flip flops
or throw on a pair of heels for some za-za-zooo!
This first pin makes me realize I need red shoes.
Love her hair, eye makeup & everything about this!

So, what is the stance on white bottoms?
I've read you can wear it before Memorial Day...
I also have it engrained that I cannot.
Do you wear white before Memorial Day?
After Labor Day?
If this crazy warm weather keeps up,
I'll be sporting mine before Easter!
Have a fabulous day lovies!!


  1. Ugh, I totally want to be Blake Lively. Awesome photos! I'm not a huge fan of white, but it's darling in all these pictures!!

    Keep Shining,

  2. I love the white pants/shorts look. I don't think I could pull if off though because I would immediately spill something on them!

  3. I have been looking for white pant/shorts, but have yet to find any that fit and that I like! I will have to be picky about when I wear them though since I have a 1 year old!

  4. I have a pair of white shorts that I wear all the time! I love how well they go with everything and they just have a clean, classic look. After looking at your pins, I'm so tempted to try white pants now!

  5. I have white capri's that I tell myself it's okay to wear before Memorial Day, but I just can't do it, mainly because it's 39 degrees and raining here. Whatev lol

    Summer will come eventually.
    Happy Wednesday

  6. I also worked out yesterday and took a walk and boy am I feeling it today. It's really hard to not work out though when it's this nice out :)

    I'm all about white pants whenever you want. I was actually going to bust mine out this week since the snow and salt is gone and they won't be a mess. If it stays nice after labor day I wear them. The only reason I don't wear them much in the winter is because I know the bottoms would get wet and be a DISASTER with this WI winter.

  7. I read somewhere not long ago that the white before labor day thing is fading fast like the titanic. I would totally wear them before labor day. Plus people won't talk about you but only for a second so who cares if you love it and looking smashing go for it

    1. Sorry memorial day. I hit the dang button before I could change it

  8. I love the look of white pants! They are so classic! I always want to wear them before memorial day, but can never bring myself to do so

  9. really in love with these outfits. esp the 2nd one!

    happy wednesday
    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beautiful

  10. I say you can definitely wear it before Memorial Day! I've been looking for some white skinny jeans- so cute! Just stopped by from the link-up, you have a new follower! :)

  11. i wore white pants last friday. why because it was nice and warm in CA and because i don't care that it isn't memorial day yet. why is everyone else in this country getting hotter weather and in SoCal we are getting colder weather? i mean it is suppose to be 50s this weekend, eck!

  12. I think its ok now to wear white before and/or after Labor Day! I don't think anyone under the age of 50 abides by that rule anymore. I say go for whatever you like whenever you like it!~ :)

  13. After seeing this, all I want to do is go buy some white pants! I especially love the Blake Lively look!


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