Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pins On Deck!

Good morning!
It is supposed to be in the 80's today!!
I have a fun little day...
Hair appointment
Dinner date/drinks with my friends Alison & Matty
and going to see one of my bffs belly dance!
She has a solo and has been practicing so much.
I cannot wait to see her shimmy!
So here are a few pins on my mind...
Hubs and I are trying to pick out what type of decking we'd like.
We were going to do one last year, but it's a fairly expensive project.
This year we are tearing out the hot tub  
that has never worked since I've been around 4 years now
Replacing the deck boards and putting up a railing to keep pups
and future kids locked in!
I know it may sound lame to some of you, but I could not be more excited.
So of course, some pinspiration:

At night:

I love the white railing and darker deck boards

And I'm hoping my friend Jill will be able to help me pick
some beautiful plants to put around!

 I'm totally dreaming on this one...

This idea is cool too

For my birthday present {in July},
I would like a chaise lounge! 

I cannot wait to sit and sip some of these!

Do you have any recommendations for building? 
This is our first "major" project on our home. 
We've done flooring and painted walls, 
but this is a pretty big deal 
and any tips would be greatly appreciated.
 I cannot wait to have a deck party to celebrate!


  1. I wish my deck looked like one of those!

  2. That second photo is AMAZING. I've always dreamt of a beautiful deck!

    Keep Shining,

  3. I LOVE the first and second picture! So cute!!

  4. Oh I love outdoor living spaces! The pins are all so pretty. Hubby and I just started cleaning up our back patio this past weekend. We didn't to alot with it last year but this year we plan on getting new patio furniture. I totally want to do a rug and pillows too! Good luck with your renovation. You will love the outdoor space!

  5. O.M.G I love all of these photos! We need to decide on decking shortly too, but the house needs to be done first. We LOVE being outside in the summer so I want to be sure our deck is like an added room to our home. I really love the second picture, but I adore all the photos! It's 74 and rainy here today, but I'm appreciating the rain because at least it isn't snow! Have fun tonight!

  6. Love these ideas, we have a fire pit & love it(even though we don't get to use it too much here in Florida haha) :-)

  7. I love, love, love decks! If you remember, we always had really nice ones. We have had one around our pool, on the back of our little house on High Street and of course the monster on Malone! Be sure to get one made of Trex or Trex 'like' material! So much more to choose from nowadays! NOTHING worse than picking splinters out of tiny piggy toes!
    As for me, now I am into patios... I plan on having THREE here!

  8. GREAT pins. We are building a deck this spring too. Our new house doesn't have one which is perfect so we can do what we want. J has been watching tons of Deck Wars on TV and such! Oh boy!!

  9. Oooo! I'm loving all of these! They are too great!
    Have a great sunny day! :)

  10. Just found your blog and LOVE it! I don't have any building tips at alllll {we just bought our first home, so we're just starting out!}, but all those links have me jonesing for a good 'ol summer cookout! :)

    Wanna join my spring blog swap?

  11. Uh cocktails are the perfect accessory to an amazing deck. Well plus nice weather of course.

    Great picks.

  12. Oh, what a fabulous day you have ahead! I think the deck project is totally exciting!! I also love the look of the dark flooring and white rails :) Very pretty. I just love spending nights outside in the summer! I cannot wait!!

  13. I don't think I've ever had a deck in my life but those pics definitely make me think about it!

    PS your wedding pics are beautiful!


  14. Nice choices, but I'm in love with that brick fire pit. Can't you just imagine inviting friends over for s'mores? A great deck makes parties so much fun.

  15. Its really awesome. I love the shining deck with great of art. Best I have ever seen these before. Will be sharing these with my contractor for decking art.



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