Friday, October 16, 2015

5 on Friday

Happy Fri-Yay!!! I figured I would link up with Five on Friday--


Can I get an "Amen" to this?!  I am truly adoring the changing of leaves, cooler temps, and lots of warm bevvies!  We are so lucky to get to experience all four seasons here.  Winter may be my least favorite, but I will take it, just so we get these gorgeous autumns.

In my Fall Fab Fit Fun box, we received these amazing 20 minute facial masks.  They're gold. They're so awesome and I actually may try to purchase/ask for more for Christmas!  It smelled so good, felt cool and refreshing, and let me tell you…after the day we had on Monday, I NEEDED this.  {similar here}

I waited until the kids went to bed, so I didn't scare the daylights out of them…BOO!

In all seriousness though, I laid on my bed, sipping some "calming tea" and felt rejuvenated.


I've been looking for some over the knee flat black boots.  I love my UGGS, but I think they're too hot for right now. I want something more than a flat, but less than winter -so I am curious if anyone has tried shoes from EXPRESS?  I kind of like these, but my size is only available in stores right now.

During nap time, if I don't workout, I am really trying to do something for me. Not the house. Not the kids, not the dog….me. So I'm really trying to get into this book, because I hear it will suck me in…but I'm still not there yet.  I'll keep at it though!


I'm getting my hair done today!! I think I'm going to have him add more layers so it curls better when I part it straight… I also want it blonder. I'm crazy. I am loving the length but I think a little more around my face would help when I go to style it.  


  1. I have a pair of boots from Express, they feel a little cheaper than others I have but they do the job! Especially for the price :)

    I also read The Girl on The Train over spring break, it does get good! Just takes a little bit!

    1. I was kind of thinking that about the boots---I may just have to shop around some more!! And I'll keep trucking on with this darn book. I hear great things about it! Thanks so much!!

  2. 1. I want to read that book. 2. Are you loving your subscription to Fab Fit Fun? I've been considering...

    1. I hope it picks up! I have so little time to read, I was really hoping it would be gripping and I couldn't put it down! Yes, I do love my FFF box! I don't do any other subscriptions, and I really think this one is the best bang for your buck! I think this is a $10 off code --- I'll email ya too.. xox

  3. Can't wait to see your new hair!! I've been napping during nap time, when really I should be getting stuff done, since if I do anything with Noah I get a bigger mess in a different area of the house haha. Those boots are cute!! I live fall colors as well, and could to,erase winter if it wasn't soo dang cold!! Have a great weekend!!

    1. If ya need a nap, l always say listen to your body!! I struggle every day trying to decide exactly how to use that precious nap time!! My hair came out great--I'll post some pics for sure! Have a wonderful Saturday!


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