Thursday, October 29, 2015

Vlogging Again

Chatty Vlog-

I busted out my new phone and shot a little video while the kids were napping yesterday!  I ramble a bit, but I want to start vlogging more, for real!!  I was playing around with iMovie and I would really like to start making more videos, so that we can look back as a family and see what was going on.

Topics discussed in my random vlog-

  • Life updates
  • Halloween costumes
  • Budget (saving $)
  • My hair cut
  • Staying positive with difficult situations

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Stay beautiful xo


  1. Yes!!!! Me too!! I feel like Vlogging is a bit more work then Blogging, but I enjoy it much more. I dont feel the pressure to come up with a topic like I did on the Blog. I just hit the record button and record our days and then edit the video and post it up! My youtube channel is mommylifeas jess (yes there is a space in there because youtube make you use "two" names until you have 100 followers.....stupid.

    1. Oh I had no idea that was the case!! Yes, I feel like it's good to have a balance of both, because sometimes it is easier to vlog than sit and write, especially with kids! I am still learning how to edit etc. but I told myself, it's just for fun!! :) Thank you for subscribing!


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