Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WILW: Random

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I figured I'd just share some of my favorites this past week.

Starting with the good stuff: Red Wine.  It's a Fall/Winter staple, let's be real.  My step-mom had the two on the right, both were very good!  I am a huge fan of the one on the left, Cocobon.  It runs about $9 a bottle and is a smooth finish.  It's funny because everyone seems to have different tastebuds it seems! I don't like sweet wines, and I don't find this to be sweet at all.

Lately I have been in a salad making rut. Meaning, I don't want to make salads, but I want to still eat them!  Although these are not organic, they are SO yummy.  We have an awesome grocery store, so I'll grab a few ready made bags and eat them throughout the day. My system definitely runs best on 2-3 salads or veggies per day.

Girls' Night!  We got together last night at Kristin's.  It's literally the only time I seem to get out of the house with friends and no children, so I am loving that.

We also enjoyed a harvest salad.

And I was the bad influence who brought the pumpkin roll---totally not pictured because we were too busy shoving our faces with it!  We finally snapped a picture, and it's crazy to think we've been having these (almost) monthly for quite a few years now.   Next month we are dining out! yay!

I love my XM radio and what I really enjoy, is this station!  I feel like it's always speaking to me in some way…I would love to find this message #645 again, as it really was awesome.  {side note, yes my xm stations are SO random!  I love listening to jazz music, country…and there's a bunch of rap too haha!}

These quotes from my chiropractor's office: How unbelievably true are BOTH of these?  I believe that when we bring children into this world, it is our #1 priority and duty to love them with everything we have.  That means different things for different people, children, situations etc.  But I just loved this quote.  And of course, "improvement" begins with "I".  It's the hardest step but the most important. Work. ON. YOU.

I also must say, that I am LOVING Amazon Prime as always.  I have already begun Christmas shopping and I am super happy about that.  I really want to enjoy this season as much as possible, without the hustle and bustle of S-T-R-E-S-S.   I am not skipping over Fall, as I love this season too, but I am making sure I get a head start on shopping for all of our loved ones.

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. I just picked up that apothic red today! Can't wait to open it! And i love that your salad rut is my norm ha! Those ones look yum!

    1. Haha let me know what you think of it!! The salads are sooooo yummy!! I just wish they came organic!


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