Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Favorites Tag!

Backyard View
I had hopes of making a video, but I didn't get a chance. I have seen this "tag" on You Tube and just love seeing everyone else's responses.  It's fun to get a new tip or idea from others.  This time of year is so full of change, it's literally a breath of fresh cool air!  Feel free to "tag yourself" and join in on the fun!

Favorite Candle- I don't use candles a lot right now, because of the kids. I do love warm scents, apple and cinnamon for sure!  Pumpkin Pie. Anything that smells like food haha.

Favorite Lip Color- Lucky by Younique

It's so pretty!! I love the texture and it's not gloppy or sticky at all.  Perfect color for Fall!

Favorite Drink- Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I will shamelessly admit, I have gone to 3 different Starbucks in my area, HOPING for a fun Fall leaves cup and no luck!! I see all the girls on insta all over, holding their cuteness…and no shot for me.  I'll keep trying! haha or I've been making them from Tastefully Simple and I make it with Cashew Milk!  I just love warm beverages in the cold.

Favorite Blush- "Mocha" by NYX

I went to the grocery store on a Saturday night, as my husband wanted bacon for Sunday morning. He told me to buy myself something nice with the change…haha!  So I did. I love this!

Can't be the drugstore price and I love that it's not "too pink" or too bronze.  It gives the perfect glow for these chilly days that are becoming more frequent.

Favorite Clothing Item- My plaid button down. It's cozy, easy, mom friendly and super cute! If we are going out and about, then I love to wear dressier items, but for every day? I try to keep it simple. OR my blanket scarf. I am trying to not buy them all out at Target--gimme all the plaid!

Favorite Fall Movie- I don't have a specific Fall movie, but I love love love holiday specials. Right now, the kids are still so little, we watch a lot of cartoons.  I just love getting them all excited for each little season/holiday!  Brooke didn't love Charlie Brown, but she did love the Toy Story Terror cartoon!

Favorite Fall TV Show- Scandal.  I'm not a TV person at all really, I barely even watch anything other than this, Modern Family (with Joe) and we are still trying to finish How I Met Your Mother!

Favorite Thanksgiving Food- I love it all. The turkey, gravy---ok I probably love my dad's gravy and mashed potatoes MOST!  I make cranberry bread and my grandma's buttercup squash as well.

Favorite Halloween Costume- Hands down, the one I literally just wore over the weekend.  I am not one to love Halloween, usually, I hate spending money on costumes and try to do the cheapest thing.  But this year? I threw caution to the wind and Joe picked out a wolf mask, so I went all out and did Little Red Riding Hood.  It was so fun getting all dressed up!  We haven't ever really gone all out like that before, so in 8 years, I spent a little money this year.  The amount of fun we had? Couldn't put a price on it!  I'll share more pics of our costumes on another post.

Happy Fall!! 


  1. Such a great tag! I'm going to do this one this week! I'm planning on finally starting Scandal once I finish Downton Abbey! :)

    1. Oh, I have wanted to get into Downtown forever!! I need to just get with it already. Scandal will suck you right in! Thanks for stopping--let me know when you do the tag!

  2. Eeeep!!! So happy to be following again! :)

    I LOVE blanket scarves--I bought two from Modcloth this year. They're so cozy and warm.

    What a fun Halloween costume! I love the idea of going as the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood :) So fun!

    P.S. I am always embarrassed to order a pumpkin spice latte now from Starbucks because I feel like such a cliche. Merp.

    1. Girl!!! I hope you know you made my night, when I saw you post!! I am so excited to hear your thoughts…you are seriously one of my favorites! And yes, I totally get what you mean about PSL…but I still do it from time to time. Have you tried the toasted graham latte? Yum!


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