Friday, October 9, 2015

Puppy Pancake Breakfast

First and foremost, it's my hubby's birthday!!  I took this picture on our last date night, which happened to be the day we closed on our land!  I am so grateful for all that he has taught me, given me, and that I am able to raise beautiful babies with this man.  He is such a dedicated, strong-willed, hard worker, and for that reason alone, I am able to stay at home with our precious ones.  The life we build is like no other; our story is sacred, different and completely and 100% ours.  This guy right here, is the epitome of strength; when shit gets tough, he stands tall, and fights for what he believes in.  I've never met a happier soul, and couldn't be more in love if I tried. I love you so much baby!! Happy 38!

In baby news:  Mr B is ringing in his 9th month at 22 pounds 10 oz and 30 inches long.  He did not like his shots, Brooke was a champ for hers, but both were extremely well behaved at the doctors.  (I may have treated them to one new toy each afterwards!  We now have a new teething toy and Brookie is a "Puppy Doctor"

Speaking of puppies, it's totally her new thing.  At first it was 101 Dalmations, a movie which she will watch over and over and over and over…you get my drift?  And then it was Paw Patrol, but now it's pretty much anything to do with a puppy or dog!! I know this little girl will lose her mind when we get a big dog again some day--in our new home, in a few years…after these two are successfully potty trained themselves..haha!

So, today we had our Puppy Pancake Breakfast.  For $2 (per pancake eating person) we got to meet and greet Clifford the Big Red Dog and Rocky the Dalmation.  She was SO excited!   The kids were to bring their favorite dog.  She brought her new puppy from yesterday, "Bella" or "Pluto" depends on when you ask her.

I loved that they had arts and crafts- Make a dog!

She was not shy about going right up to them.  In fact, we had to leave a little early because she just kept following them around! Other kids needed a photo op too!

A local vet hospital was there and gave her a free "leash" and she is in heaven now!

She enjoyed the pancakes and really enjoyed the butter hahah of all things. She stuck a whole blob right in her mouth; she didn't know what it was!! I tried to take as many photos as I could, but it's certainly tricky with two littles moving and grooving!

Snoopy's dog house.

Brother was loving all the kids and puppies too!

It was the best $2 I've spent in a very long time!! I highly recommend checking out your community centers, as you just never know what you may find!  This place is amazing for kids and seniors; I can't wait to do more activities with the kids as they grow. 

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  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby! I always mean to try and find fun local events like this in our area as I know Kenley would love doing basically anything that wasn't in the house! Glad you found something so fun!


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