Monday, October 12, 2015

Mommy Fashion: LuLaRoe

I am really pumped to start developing newer content here on the old blog.  A sweet friend of mine, Elizabeth reached out to me and really did plant a seed within my heart.  I'm not quite ready to launch a brand new blog, but I am going to really make an effort to incorporate mommy chic on this blog.  If it's really taking off, ya never know! But like I mentioned a few posts ago, I really feel like I'm having an awakening, no not Kate Chopin style, but something that just fills some more spots I'm passionate about in my heart.  Mainly?  How to stay in style, while staying home!

When I was teaching, I didn't even think about it. I always had to keep it classy/conservative/and on a tight teaching budget.  But I always received compliments and had other teachers asking fashion advice.  Well, maybe I should run with that a little bit more!  I love fashion, but no in a crazy NYC fashion week kind of way. I love that dressing up or down can really tell a little story about a person, before she even talks!

So to start?  Over the weekend I had my first LuLaroe Pop Up Boutique.  Basically, it was a tiny little store, set up in my very own living room!  Totally failed at taking any photos of it, but there were over 600 items, ranging in little kids to extra large sizes.  Jessica was amazing to work with, and she has the cutest baby bump, and these clothes look EXTRA cute on pregos!  The material is all different, but some are so soft and stretchy, feel like pajamas, BUT are so pretty and feminine.  I just LOVE shopping from other working mommas and everything is made in the USA.  She was so organized with everything and was so sweet.  Not only does she have a full time gig, two daughters and one more baby on the way, she does this amazing business too!  It really makes me wonder if fashion is something I would really like to get into in the future…I just had so much fun!

I tried on a few pieces before my guests arrived! I am not going to lie, I loved using my bathroom, office or bedroom as a dressing room! How convenient is that?  It was very easy to allow everyone to try on different styles.

Cassie Skirt-- I love that it was fitted and had this sassy animal print!  I could see myself running to the grocery store in flats OR throwing on boots or heels, to wear out to dinner. Totally kept it.

pardon the informal pic!

Randy Tee-

I was SHOCKED at how soft and perfectly fitted this was.  I also was shocked at the size-- XXS Everything fits so differently, it's important to try on, and I loved this one so much, I didn't take it off--I wore it for the party!

Hosts get 10% off of everything and 1 free item per 10 that are sold at your party. This was my loot! I can't wait to dress up in the leggings, tunics and my adorable Ameila dress.  I even went with some silly red with black cats for Halloween.  Meow!

My new loot!

What makes it interesting is that there is no online catalog to shop from.  You kind of need to see items in person to get a feel for the fit and the material…BUT once you've tried things on, (in the comfort of your own home!) you will have a general idea of how they fit.   I think they're perfect for both working mommas and stay at home moms.  You can transition some of the plain tees with pretty jewels or layer with scarves and cardis. 

I will totally have a Summer party, for sure! I also know that I will want to buy some winter/Christmas leggings soon.  They are SO soft and very chic.

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How do you style your LuLaroe? I would love to see. Please leave a comment below!!


  1. I LOVE LulaRoe! I'm hosting a popup on Nov 5th! We are seriously the same person.

    1. Haha! That is so funny!! Yes, it was so much fun. I couldn't choose very well because I wanted it all! I love the randy tee--omg I need more. Have fun!

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