Monday, October 19, 2015

Mommy Monday: Enjoying Fall

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a fun Fall weekend.  Finding balance on this blog has breathed such a breath of fresh air into me; I am super inspired and have so much that I want to share!  I am so encouraged and uplifted by so many wonderful women in my life and I am so very grateful for that.

I just wanted to share a little of how we've been enjoying this beautiful Autumn.  Brooke is at the PERFECT age to want to go out and do fun things and really soaks up every bit of our play/learning.

Last week I took them to a little nursery right near our house. It was perfect, as there was no one there! No crowds or tons of screaming kids, other than my own :)

She loved the "Straw Crawl" and kept saying, "take my picture mommy!"

She didn't really get the whole "teepee" concept, but she loved running around in it.

I gave her the task of picking out a pumpkin to paint, and she insisted we needed 4.  (One for each of us!)

I also purchased a little bail of straw, hoping that it would provide a super cute little photoshoot background.


Is it just me, or can you see my babies as teenagers in this picture?!  My little loves.

"Smile for Mommy!"

She insists she is a dog most of the time, and I believe she was howling in this photo.   I couldn't believe how good Bradley was just sitting there holding the pumpkins! 

I think the BEST tip I can give, is divide up all of your 'projects' or activities.  Getting the pumpkins was just enough, so I saved the actual painting for the next day.

He is still putting everything into his mouth, so I wasn't ready to deal with him and paint. If I do whip cream painting and he can eat it, I would be okay with that! But for now, I just put a little paint into a bag and let him squish it.  He tried it eat that too, so it was short lived.

He loves holding the little baby pumpkins though!

I also did a super quick google search on easy toddler Halloween crafts…so we now have a jackolantern, a bat and some ghosts!  My mom sent this little spooky Mickey she painted too.  I love hanging the kids' artwork up!

Brother got a hold of the bat…

She loves tracing hands, so we did a few ghosts.

What fun activities have you been doing or have you done with your littles?  There's still more of this spooky season to enjoy!  

This is played daily in our house.  Both kids love it and I love that it's teaching that spooky things can be fun and not too scary. 

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