Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Home Talk Tuesday: Holiday Decorations

Fall/Halloween Decor: Living with Kids Style

Keeping it light up in here!! Too much drama in the air, so I am l-o-v-i-n-g my quiet space here on the internet. Growing up, my mom always had fun holiday decorations for us to enjoy. I remember a scary witch candle, perhaps? Lots of pumpkins and some other spooky cats and decorations that hung around.  It got me so excited for whatever time of year it was, and I have carried that tradition ever since!  Each year I try to purchase one item that I love.  I haven't bought anything this year, I am going to see if there's something after Halloween that may be on sale!  But between all the beautiful fall colors and the ghosts and scary things, my house is full of silly stuff. Joe loves it and so do we.  I figured I'd share just a little how I decorated this year.

This is always my favorite room, this time of year.  The colors are warm and rich, and with this big old table Joe picked out before we met, I can feel the energy that will one day surround many family dinners!  With kids, it's a little tricky.  As much as I love an HGTV home, I want them to remember fun and silly decorations too.  So I try to keep the 'more grown up items in the dining room.

I love the purple twinkle lights! Sweet and spooky.

In the foyer, where trick-or-treaters will see, I pile all the cooky and spooky! I feel bad because some kids are really freaked out by the leg--sorry Al!

At night this looks cool, as the ghost lights are green.  I love that picture of Brookie in the pumpkins.  As you can see, this is real life: there is always this gorgeous blue blanket covering our fire place brick, unless it is lit.  It really does help with the kids, as I just can't imagine any heads being terribly bumped by it!

The back of the door, there is a giant spider…and a skull that glows when turned on.

On the front of it, hangs an adorable orange and black wreath: BOO!

Of course I have silly pumpkins strewn about, a few candle holders (no candles with littles right now) and I brought in some of our collected pine cones and threw them in a vase.  I am hoping to slather peanut butter and bird seed all over these soon for the birds and squirrels.

A little decor by the sink, while I wash many a dish…

And we are keeping the 'potty bribes' pretty in these adorable bowls, I believe I bought at The Christmas Tree Shops years ago.  It's amazing how good she's doing with CANDY CORN. Oy.

I love this little section of the kitchen.

Have you shared your holiday decor?  Do you go all out, or keep it simple? I love to see what others do each season!  


  1. Cute decorations! I love all the purple, lights and candy bowls. I have candy corn and Reese's PB pumpkins sitting on my counter right now. Thanks for linking up with us today :)

    1. Thanks so much!! Ohhh Reeses wouldn't last around here…so yummy! I am happy I found the linkup! :)

  2. Cute décor, Jenn! You've given me some great ideas! Thanks for sharing! Peace and many blessings to you, Love! :-)

  3. Awesome decorations! I actually really like the skull... maybe not exactly traditional Halloween, but spooky and gothic! I love it!


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