Thursday, October 15, 2015

Trendy Topic: Plaid

I have always been a fan of trends, but sometimes am hesitant to spend too much money on them, for fear they'll be out of date sooner than later.  What I've learned through the years, is to pick one or two items of a trend I like and try it out.  Today I'm talking plaid!

Plaid is something that seems to always have its moment.  I remember having adorable plaid skirts in Jr. High that my mom insisted I buy.  Looking back, even then she was helping me be a little fashionista. Thanks mom!  It seems as though as soon as the weather begins to dip here in good old upstate NY, plaid starts playing peek-a-boo around these parts.  I pulled together seven different ways you could try out plaid, or even go pull from your closet to help update your current wardrobe.

My biggest advice?  One piece of plaid per outfit.  This is definitely a pattern you don't really want to mix all together…keep your basic solid colors, and then add to it with one of these items below.

1. Blanket Scarf-  Probably my favorite trend so far! I saw these bad boys last year and new in a hot minute that I needed one!  *Frugal tip* -- I remember seeing the ZARA scarf floating around and it was like, hundreds of dollars.  Great if you have extra cash flow lying around, but for a stay at home mama and one on the way, that was not in my budget! I scoured the internet and saw one on E-bay for $13 shipped.  This year they are far more accessible, and very reasonably priced.  It's the perfect accessory to a plain tee while adding a little warmth.  The versatility is amazing, and there's really no wrong way to wear it!  I love all of the different colors and decided to add one more to my collection this year.  It's nice to wrap the babes up in too, if we're stuck outside for an extra moment and the wind picks up.  If you're looking to try out this trend in a big way, go for a blanket scarf!

2. Infinity Scarf- If you're a little intimidated by the size of a blanket scarf, or live in a warmer climate, perhaps a circle scarf would work best for you!  I love the simplicity of this scarf, as it stays put!  It's perfect if you're running around and don't want long ends of the scarf getting in the way.  It does have a bit more professional look too, I could see it paired with a classic LBD and boots for a polished feel.

3.  Basic Plaid Shirt- Seriously my go to shirt as a mama. I picked up mine from Marshall's this year in the Junior's section for about $15.  I know Target has some nice shirts too.  It's great for running errands, feeling cozy and just giving you that laid back jeans and sneaks feel.  Go with a color that you love, or that people tell you looks great on you!  If it's long enough, you could pair it with basic black leggings too.  I just think jeans and a plaid shirt are Fall perfection.

4.  Shirt Dress-  This is a trend that I want to try, but haven't yet!  I think so many women can pull this off, no matter what shape or size.  You want to avoid the "school girl look," so be sure to choose your shoes wisely. No thigh high or over the knee boots here.  I think basic booties or flats work best.  The belt is kind of a necessity too, make it skinny to cinch your waist and help flaunt your womanly curves and give shape.

5.  Poncho- I feel like this is the sister to the blanket scarf, but way less work!  You can just slip your arms right through, and you're ready to go!  No muss, no fuss.  You can dress it up with a fun hat, like below, and I really love it with the distressed denim.  Again, keep the rest of the outfit simple, as the poncho is a statement piece.  This one is from Wet Seal and such a great price!

6. Shoes- You could go dressy, like below, or find a pair of comfy flats.  Either way, it adds a little trend in your step and doesn't come off too showy.  I love these heels and think they'd be perfect for a working woman who can't really wear too much of the plaid clothing for work.  This pattern is especially great because it could take you right into the Christmas season and holiday parties!

7.  Jewelry-  Still nervous to try out plaid?  Start super small.  Find something on earrings, a watching, necklace, whatever.  Maybe you just need to try it out for size.  That how I look at things.  You don't always have to go big or go home, you can just keep it simple and some of the smallest pieces are the most noticed! Pull your hair into a high pony or a messy top knot to show them off.  I think they're adorable.

Another site to check out for plaid deals, is  I love this site and am not affiliated, I just love not paying full price for trendy boutique items!  That is where I ordered my second blanket scarf a few weeks back.

Mad for Plaid

I personally think it's fun to try out new styles and trends. I don't always know what to do, so I'll share in another post some of my go-to fashion icons and how I stay up to date on what's on trend.  I think the wonderful thing about fashion, is that we can all create a style all our own.  We don't have to dress one way every single day, and that's the beauty of it!  As long as you feel confident and are appropriately dressed for whatever your occasion, enjoy and have fun!  There's nothing wrong with yoga pants and old sweatshirts, but sometimes it's fun to add a little something to our wardrobes.

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