Thursday, September 20, 2012

Five on Thursday

So excited for today!!
I get to hang out with my girl Alison & find some more nursery items for baby girl
and I hope to find a pair or two of maternity jeans 
[wish me luck, it's not always easy!]
--5 For Thursday--
1. This girl has been doing so well lately!
Despite her licking of the air, that meds did not seem to help,
I just want to say how much I enjoy her being my "normal dog" I remember as a puppy.
It's been awhile since she's had seizures, so I fear she may be due for some soon...
but I wanted to celebrate how great she is as of right now!
Plus I just got the Furminator (shedding tool) so I cannot wait to see if it helps
with the massive amounts of fur she leaves around the house!
2.  I've been laying my clothes out & feeling way more creative doing so!
It gives me a chance to play fashion designer with my limited wardrobe.
I don' think it looks too bad at all!
*note my disappearing toes*
and ignore the rootage
Shirt: Motherhood Maternity
Leggings: Gap Maternity
Sweater: My friend Alison's when she was prego with the twins 4 years ago!
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Online buy a few years back...Amazon maybe?
3.  I opted to try something other than the PSL
and enjoyed this tasty lil treat!
I can only drink 1/2 of a Tall and I just save the rest for the next day.
Crazy how caffeine affects me now!!
It was kind of dessert like, and bordered more of hot chocolate, but I liked!! 
{google images}
4. I got my hair diddddddddd
Don't ya always feel extra special when someone else does your hair?
I just love leaving the salon feeling all prettified. 
Hi/Lo lights!!
5.  Mama-in-law and I have been working our craft on with our
DIY baby girl bedding!
Our curtains are complete and we started the crib skirt last night!
sneak peak
We ruffled the old fashioned way, cuz that's how we roll.
Thanks again for all the sewing magic ma!!
I cannot wait to show off everything when we're all done.
I am having so much decorating and designing this nursery!
Have a great day!


  1. You are soooooo cute! I wish I looked as good now as you do prego! And I think it's so sweet that you and your MIL are making the bedding! An extra special touch for an extra special little girl!

  2. Glad your pup is feeling better! Dogs are such an integral part of our family as well, so worrying about them is like worrying about our human babies!

    You look great! Love the hair! I feel so pretty when I get my hurr did. Of course, I haven't had it done since January/2008. I swear I'm still a girl. ;)

    I haven't tried that starbucks drink. I stick with my caramel frap because I'm a 14 year old and that's all I've ever really liked. Ha.


  3. Ruffling is so tedious! What is the non old fashioned way to do it? I love that outfit! I really need to get my roots handled!

  4. Good luck w/ the jeans shopping... I think shopping for pants sucks no matter what you're lookin for! ;) LOL, and I cannot wait to see all you cute nursery stuff- yay!!!

  5. Prettiest preggo EVER you are!! Can't wait to see the nursery. :) SO glad to hear your fur baby is doing so good too!!

  6. I love love love the pregnancy style you have going on! Preggo or not, I'm totally addicted to sweaters and chunky boots:)

  7. Your hair looks amazing! You are totally rocking this whole pregnancy thing! Love all your outfits!

  8. I LOVE salted caramel mochas! I probably like them the same amount as PSLs, but something about PSLs is so comforting and always wins me over! :) I LOVE the sweater and leggings- that is my favorite kind of outfit! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend, Jenn, and getting that gorgeous new hair out and about!

  9. Hahaha! Bye-bye toes! You look adorable. I like laying out my clothes into different outfit combos too. I save the pictures so I can look through them later for inspiration when I don't know what to wear.


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