Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Listening to: 
Fun, catchy & I just love his voice!!
google images
Thankful for:
Joey's Grams won this [before we were expecting baby]
A handmade quilt from her Senior Center she goes to weekly!
She gave it to us last week.
How perfect are its colors??
Loving this new scent:
Paris Night @ Bath & Body.
Sometimes Perfumes are a bit too heavy for me right now, this is perfect.
and it's glittery.
Obsessed with:
Option 1 of baby girl's coming home outfit!!
sneak peek
Daddy's favorite color--Red.
Reading for fun:
I read Glass Castle--loved it, so this will hopefully be as good, if not better!
Reading to learn:
What are some current happenings in your life?!


  1. That Jeanette Walls book is really heavy. And a little heart-breaking. But it is a really good read. I read it last year, and I thought about it for weeks after.

  2. I'm getting better at the breastfeeding/pumping bit. I'm no expert, but if you have questions you know how to find me on twitter or blogger. It's not as freaky or difficult as you and I have thought in the past! Schedule, schedule, schedule.

  3. That coming home outfit is ADORABLE. And butternut squash soup? Yum!

  4. "The Glass Castle" is one of my favorite books!! Let us know how this one is. And the coming home outfit is ADORABLE.. can't wait to see it on your beautiful baby girl!!

  5. Love this post :) Adam Levine's voice makes me melt. That quilt is darling. I need that body spray from Bath and Body Works as it comes in that pretty, pretty bottle & has glitter. Love that potential coming home outfit for the bebe! :) And "The Glass Castle" is next on my reading list!

  6. how are the mommy books? they look good!


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