Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pasta with Smashed Peas, Sausage & Ricotta

Tagliatelle with Smashed Peas, Sausage, and Ricotta Cheese

Thank you, once again, Giada!!
Click link above for full recipe
Of course, after all the research I did for my meal plan,
I decided I wanted this instead for dinner last night.
So glad I did, as it was yummy!!
I did not have that type of pasta she used,
but rather some funky thick pasta my husband picked up
at this little Italian store...
It was messy as hell to eat, but still tasted great!
Start by sauteing garlic in some EVOO 
Don't brown it, just a few minutes...
 Gather the rest of your supplies:
Parm cheese
{1 cup of each}
Sausage with casings removed {used venison}
-not pictured, fresh basil-
Add the sausage to the pan:
Using a wooden spoon, crumble into pieces until brown.
Remove from pan, add peas, turn off heat.
Using back of wooden spoon, smash the peas a bit
Your pasta should be cooking away in the water,
reserve 1 cup of the pasta water.
Add the ricotta cheese to the peas & stir
Drain pasta, add the sausage, ricotta mixture, & parm cheese to large pan
Add fresh basil you've torn
Put into pasta bowls & enjoy!
Both my husband and I enjoyed it and I am looking forward
to eating it again for lunch!!
It's a great way to use up extra ricotta cheese you may have.
I always buy the large container for lasagna or stuffed shells, and don't finish it all.
I'm sure it'd be even better with freshly grated parm cheese & freshly made ricotta...
but I cheated.
It was still deeeelish!
Happy Tuesday!


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