Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pinspiring For Fall

Do the Humpty's Hump day!!
I get extra giddy on a Wednesday that I get my herrrr did'!!
It's growing like a weed, but full of shine & body so I'm not complaining.
I just don't likey my roots!!
I'm not sure if I'll ask my hairdresser to do it the same way he did last time,
or if I want some even, {gasp} darker streaks too!!??
I'll let him decide.
He did say he won't let me make any cray cray decisions because,
well, I'm not myself.
And clearly he's done enough prego emo women's hair to know,
not to make any huge and drastic changes. 
 Moving along...
Do any of you find that if you put things into writing,
you actually make them happen?
Obvi not everything comes true,
but I do believe in the power of attraction and all that jazz
hello, The Secret.
And whenever I post PINSPIRATION
I tend to see those day dreams come true.
So, here's what's lurking around in this purdy lil head of mine.
First and foremost,
I want this baby to cook all the way til the end!
So keep growing lil bean!

As for her nursery, 
I'd like to see something sort of like this for the larger wall 
where we'll put her changing table
 [insert trip to Hobby Lobby with my girl Al tomorrow!] 
I'm thinking the key is the same color frame?

To simply spruce up some more Fall decor, orange candles above the fire place:

Some more mantle ideas...
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

How perfect this would be for the front porch!

::Pumpkin Everything:: Hubs loves Snickerdoodles, 
maybe he'll like these too?!

Ravioli? Sure, why not?!
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

Easy sounds great these days!

And I need to pull that waffle maker back out again!

I know a lot of you are desperately waiting for the weather to cool, 
I'm trying to send some your way! 
Today it's so chilly, my husband grabbed his Under Armor jacket 
I bought for his birthday last year!
 I am still obsessed with the brown & black look:

Does she look super comfy & hot or what?

And to spice up my lame tanks/tees, wear a scarf!
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

I'm forever working on my makeup skillz. 
Maybe a stop at BE & Sephora will help tomorrow!

And some truths.
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest



  1. Such a fun, happy post! Needed that this morning. I love the nursery wall idea! So cute. J doesn't like pumpkin so I never make anything with it, but those pins look delicious. And I love brown and black!!

  2. i love your pins! i love the decoration and the fireplace. the outfits and of course, waffle!!!

  3. Love it! Especially all the autumness(is that a word? It's underlining it red, so I'm gonna assume not.) And that quote about being antisocial is exactly how I feel!

  4. I love your pins!! Pumpkin is my favorite =)

    Congrats on your bean!!

  5. I love all the pins!

    For the gallery wall I've been working on one in our bedroom (which I'll say is complete for now but I know I'll end up making more changes haha). Anyway, I went with all different sizes but all white frames and I think you're right: same color frames is the key. Having one in your nursery will be adorable!

  6. love your pins! and love that eye pen thing.. def gonna look into it!

  7. omg love all your fall pins! soo fun :) you have such a cute blog! im having a great giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out! happy wed dear!

  8. Great pins!

    I love the nursery. For my daughter's nursery, we used all white frames and kept things in the same "color family", which ended up being light pinks. It's my favorite room in the house!

    The fall decorations are lovely too! We just put ours up last weekend. :)


  9. Those pumpkin snickerdoodles are so being made tomorrow.

  10. So much going on in the post and all so happy! :) I am forever studying those different scarf tying methods yet I alwaaaays go back to the same one! I would love to learn #10 but don't think I have any scarves big enough for it to work! Just another excuse to go shopping!

    Healthy Choice has a reeeaally good pumpkin ravioli entree- I can only imagine how good it would taste when homemade!

  11. Oh my, I'm loving your pins. An eye lighter?! I need one of those to make my eyes pop. Also, I'm totally drooling over those pumpkin recipes!! YUM.


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