Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Perfectly Rainy little Tuesday

It's raining, it's pouring...
I'm so happy I don't have to leave the house today!!
I'm dragging over here.
I attribute my sluggish nature to the eggplant I'm toting around 24/7.
While I seemed to be full of energy and pep the last few weeks,
I feel that as I near the 3rd trimester, I am slowing right back down again.
I'll listen to my body.
On this perfectly rainy little Tuesday,
{I cannot believe how many leaves have begun to fall!}
 Some of my mums enjoying the rain!

I have candles lit, a pile of magazines to read, 
and a pot of beef stew deliciously simmering away on the stove.
I cannot wait to taste it!
I'm loosely following this recipe here: Paula's Beef Soup
Okra is not a common find here in upstate New York...
What I love most about soups/stews is that you just chop a bunch of goodness up,
and throw it in.
Whatever veggies you have in your fridge, will probably work.
Let the heat work its magic and make your house smell amazing.
I also have the itch to read...
I'm finishing up EG's latest, and despite the negative reviews I read about it,
I honestly really like it.
I was mixed at first, but it's turning out to be better than I thought.
Now I'm wondering what to read next...
Besides the books on breastfeeding I have on hold at the library.
I've heard good things about these three.

google images
Any other good book recommendations? 
Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. I'm reading "Happier At Home" by Gretchen Rubin. It's the sequel to "The Happiness Project" which is one of my favorite books.

    I love relaxing with a stack of magazines on a rainy day too.

  2. Yeah!! I needed some good books to put on my Kindle - your post comes at the right time! :)

    I started Gone Girl, but can't seem to get into it yet.. although I've heard good things. It might not be the book though, as I always read as I'm falling asleep at night.. 2 pages at a time doesn't do any book any good!

    You look so adorbs with that baby bump too girl!

  3. Where are you from in upstate NY? I grew up there near Lake Placid. I read Gone Girl and the first few chapters were difficult to get through, BUT once I got into it I couldn't put it down for wanting to know what was going on. Seriously, great book.


  4. It's raining all the way up here in Alaska too! I just finished Gone Girl- It's got a good twist to it, I enjoyed it. BTW. Checked out your weekend recap- you are the most adorable preggers lady EVER! Love your style!


  5. The pic of your mums is gorgeous!

    Your beef stew looks delish, I think I'm gonna make some this week now. :)

    I LOVED EG's newest book. I haven't read Gone Girl yet, but I've heard lots of people talking positively about it.

  6. please please send some of that rain here to California, i want cooler temps i want boots weather i want sweaters!!

  7. That soup looks good!


  8. The Year of Fog is not that great! I am reading gone girl and really liking it!

  9. This time of year I LOOOOVE rainy days, I made a big pot of chili and let it simmer all day. It was SO good by the time we sat down to dinner. I was a little bummed about the rain though. I was hoping to get my outside fall decorations up:(

  10. that stew looks yum!! we had lasagna tonight its raining here in TN and it was perfect weather to just eat a good pasta!! hope your doing well..

  11. I love rainy days!! I also love beef stew and I am pretty sure I will have to make some now:)

  12. I've been wanting to read Where We Belong. I've liked her other books, so maybe I'll have to give it a go!

    Sometimes rainy days are the best days!

    Momma B

    Following back! :)

  13. The mums are beautiful! And I love to stay at home on a rainy day! :) You should check out Josh Sundquist's Just Don't Fall. It's a very inspirational read!

  14. Gosh I just LOVE mums!

    Your house sounds like it was absolutely cozy and delightful yesterday! I bet your husband loved coming home to a house smelling of that beef stew, too! Yum! Few things are more comforting than a good stew on a rainy day.

    I liked EG's "Where We Belong" too! It wasn't my favorite EG novel, but I'm learning to accept that she's at a different point in her life and writing about more mature themes now. I prefer the fun 20-something/early 30-something novels like "Something Borrowed" and "Baby Proof," but I'm sure she's ready to write more serious material now! Omg. I sound like I know her or something. Anyyyway...I enjoyed the read :)


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