Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fabulous Fall Fun

I cannot believe how many childhood memories have begun flooding my mind
since I found out we were expecting.
I am beyond excited to share all of life's grandeur with our little one.
As much fun as it is carrying her around & feeling her move,
I look forward to the days where we can go apple picking,
sip cider,
eat freshly made doughnuts, 
pick pumpkins,
read books about Fall and Halloween,
go on long walks with leaves crunching beneath our feet,
and really enjoy this breath taking time of year.
I am already looking at my husband's hectic early October schedule,
and trying to find time to squeeze in some of these activities with him!
For now,
I'll dream up some ideas and hopefully put them to good use before the first
dare I say it
*SnOw FaLL*
Happy Wednesday!!
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Curl up with a cozy blanket on the couch? 
Easily done.

Have our own mini photoshoot with baby bump & pumpkins...

Take some nice photos with the changing of the leaves!

Enjoy a scenic drive on many a country road...

An autumnal picnic!?

Someone puh-lease have a bonfire party!! 
[oh, and invite me? Thanks!]

There's an awesome walkway by the beach we need to explore! 
This reminds me of it...

I love Magic Bars during the holiday season, I need to try these!!

And some decor ideas...

Who doesn't love glitter???
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

And of course, some pumpkin pancakes!

I love walking my doggies with a hoodie on...
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

What fun Fall activities are you looking forward to? 
I'm ready to say
 "Goodbye September and Hello October!"


  1. I'm looking forward to taking photos of the Fall scenery and of course making our entire kitchen smell of pumpkiny goodness!

  2. These pins are putting me in the fall mood. I need to try that glitter pumpkin trick, it always looks so pretty in pictures!

  3. pumpkin magic bars sound perfect!

    happy wednesday!

    xo, sarah grace

  4. Oh my gosh, that first picture of the yellow leaves is beautiful!!! I love fall so much, and I'm so glad I'm in a place that I can appreciate the beauty of fall!

  5. october is my favorite month, which is why i'm so excited that we are getting married the 13th! this post made me remember all the things i love about this season. and i can't wait to go on a walk with my new husband, the leaves crunching beneath our feet!

  6. I love when the leaves start to change!! LOVE


  7. Love all of these things. I hope I get to experience lots of fall stuff this season!

  8. I love fall more than any other time of year...especially the food!


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