Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting Real on a Monday

Well, as much as I'd love to brag about how awesome 
my Sunday was with my husband,
I can't.
Instead of driving around,
enjoying breakfast sandwiches,
grabbing PSL's, 
snapping photos of pumpkins & my bump,
playing football with the guys,
jumping up and down, hooting & hollering at the SF game,
cooking up delicious foods and just laughing and enjoying time with each other...
We spent the entire day in repose & quiet.
The whole house seems sad when he's not well.
He must have eaten something that didn't agree with his digestive system,
and his Crohn's acted up.
It's days like yesterday
 {and even today, when he has to go to work for 13 hours because no one can fill in for him}
that make me so mad when people get pissed off and upset over dumb shit.
I don't usually swear on my blog,
but if there is one thing I have learned with my husband's Crohn's,
life is a gift.
We all need reminders of this from time to time.
I used to think, "Oh woe is me" and that I had problems...
well, when you meet a guy like Joe,
who smiles at everything and loves life more than I have ever seen anyone love life,
you realize if there's anyone who has a right to be angry and upset most of the time,
it'd be him.
But guess what?
Instead of being a miserable person,
on the days when he feels great and has no stomach pains?
He acts like he has won the lotto, because to him?
He has.
I am not saying you're not entitled to your moments,
or bad days,
because you are.
 But my husband never has them. 
His bad days, are like yesterday.
Where he can barely take a breath, 
without stabbing shooting pains through his abdomen.
He slept most of the day, since being up most of the night,
and fortunately began to feel a bit better as the day wore on.
I got him to dutifully sip his Gatorade
and eat some organic free range scrambled eggs.
He only awoke 3-4 times in the middle of last night.
So this flare up? 
Not nearly as bad as this one I wrote about here,
but still a damper on our lovely Sundays that we cherish so much.
He thanked me this morning for taking care of him,
and I tear up wondering if he really knows that he in turn 
has truly taken care of me?
He made me appreciate all the small things that I used to neglect,
because I was so wrapped up in all the day-to-day
that I thought was life.
Everyone else's drama and problems used to consume me.
Not any more.
I'm someone who is constantly reading, learning, teaching.
We believe in foods affecting us 100% and it is so hard to eat 100% organic,
100% of the time.
It's a constant battle of what's readily available, looks/sounds good and what is
really meant to nurture our bodies.
I know it's up to me to prepare fully nutritious meals and snacks for him,
and it's hard because there is so much he cannot handle.
So, I plan on making lots of fresh pureed soups, pastas, 
and other foods that I know are great for all (3) of us.
[baby girl is quite active this morning, I feel her moving as I type this!]
We pray that she doesn't inherit this awful, stupid disease...
This post is not a pity party,
but hopefully a not so gentle reminder to realize how good you really have it.
If you're angry or pissed off about something trivial,
is it really worth carrying that stress, or perhaps are you over-reacting?
Get over it.
Or yourself.
I did.
I'll admit, I was a complete stress-case all the time.
It takes a lot to control it, and I slip up, I'm not perfect.
But I do know that I am a hell of a lot different today than I was 5 years ago.
It's something I work on every day.
Stress plays a huuuuuuuuuuge role in your GI tract.
It's usually the first thing to become unbalanced when we're upset.
That's why I have learned over the years to slowly weed out those
who interfere with my family's health and happiness.
Stress can lead to all sorts of problems and can easily be avoided,
once you learn how to control yourself.
And perhaps eliminating those around you who cause strife.
And if you are healthy,
maybe take an extra look at your diet.
Even though you feel good now, are you truly giving your body the right nutrients?
Or maybe your stomach does get upset time to time, and  you just turn to
modern medicine to alleviate the's not fixing it you know.

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

It really is as simple as:

Make the most out of your today and enjoy this crazy life!!
Eat your fruits & veggies.
Cook a real meal with real foods.
Go on a walk for some fresh air.
Do yoga.
Be nice to yourself.
 Think about the people you choose  to surround yourself with
and the person you're choosing to be.


  1. Love this. Praying for you hubby and baby girl. You should link this up with Motivational Monday. Find the link on my blog if you like.

  2. Poor Joe. I know you can't stand to see him in pain and I pray Brooke doesn't get it. You are a good wife and I am praying for y'all.

  3. Great post, perfect reminder! Thoughts and prayers for all three of you!

  4. I LOVE this post. I will keep your hubsy in my thoughts - I hope he feels better quickly! You're so sweet to him, too! xox!

  5. I love this post! I hope all his days are good days, not bad days.


  6. Very very well said.... I love you, & Joe & baby Brooke xoxo

  7. aww, poor guy! you're such a sweetie to take care of him and i know he appreciates every bit of it. he also sounds like such a nice guy. you two are good for each other (:

  8. awww... Sorry he is sick... :(

  9. Oh, Jenn...your poor husband. That sounds so painful and terrible. You're completely right about everything you say in this post. Thanks for the reality check. I was feeling bad about how my face has been breaking out lately (definitely in that "woe is me!" mentality), and this puts it in perspective.

    Hope your husband is feeling much much better today.

  10. Prayers for you all!


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