Saturday, September 22, 2012

25 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 
25 Weeks!!
This was 24 weeks 6 days.
Don't mind my groggy morning, I haven't had any tea yet, face.
Baby is the size of:
Mostly maternity mixed with non.
Check out my new jeans--yay!!
Have I mentioned how happy this prego is that it cooled down?!
[however I'm just avoiding all trigger foods = I feel great!]
My lower back is starting to ache.
Maybe a bubble bath or heating pad will help?
My car seat warmers seem to make it feel better...
I am getting tired much easier again and easing my way back into napping.
Still have really, really, itchy ta-tas.
Oh, I'm a 38 E now, say whaaa??
Sleeping so great--cannot complain!!
Best moment of the Week:
Hubs finally felt/saw baby girl moving!!
She loves his voice and really moves a lot more when he's around.
I'm noticing a pattern of her awake times and when she's cool!
Miss Anything:
A glass of wine this week, not gonna lie.
As it gets cooler, I always love my red pinot time.
Mostly ice cream...
 I guess I was signing "C" for chocolate?? I dunno.
The fries with a side of cheese sauce were to die for too,
but my piggy-self couldn't take a pic because I was too busy stuffin ma face.
Belly Button:
Seems to be stretching and working its way weird!
Wedding Rings:
Stretch Marks:
Still no!! 
My favorite lotion is Mama Bee's Belly Butter. 
I lather 2-3 times a day. 
Excited to be putting together the nursery & feel her moving about.
Weight Gain:
I only gained 4 pounds last month,
but that puts me at about 35 pounds total since I got preggars...6 months ago.
Dr hasn't told me to back off the poundage yet, so I guess I'm good to go! 
Looking Forward to:
Picking our pediatrician.
We attended an 'open house' last night and I think we've found a winner!
This is our, "OMG we are really going to be parents" faces as we left the Dr. office. 
I also cannot wait to finish working on the bedding
and put the nursery together.
I don't want to just throw any old thing in there,
I really want it to come together naturally and be just perfect for us.
I'm off to my pre-natal yoga....
Happy Saturday bellas!!


  1. Cute pic of you both. And cute outfits!

    I remember sleep was non-existent towards the end. My obgyn kept telling me I could take nyquil to sleep better. I FINALLY took a small dose exactly a year ago tonight, on 9/22. I went into labor the next night, 9/23. (Unbeknownst to me and my doc that I'd met with the morning of 9/22, my water had already broken, though.)

    Anyway, glad you're able to sleep!

  2. You look so cute! Where are your boots from in that first pic? And I'd be stuffin my face too-sounds delish!

  3. How are you liking pre-natal yoga? You look adorable as usual..

  4. Girl you are rocking those jeans!! You dress so cute!! Now I want a chocolate milkshake!!! Picking your pediatrician makes it feel so real, right!

  5. Your belly is sooooo cute. You are stunning, but thats nothing new!

    Whens your blog baby shower????


  6. How cute are you!! You look great. I don't know how I'm just now finding your blog since I follow you on IG but I'm glad I did
    New follower


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