Friday, September 7, 2012

Nursery Sneak Peek!

I am officially 23 weeks preggars 
& baby is the size of an ear of corn?! 
{1.5 pounds; grow baby, grow!!}
Tank: Target liz lange maternity 
Drapey Vest: Charlotte Russe
Leggings-non maternity, most comfy, from Paris...I'd do anything for another pair!
Necklace: Aldo accessories 
Shoes: Rockin the housewife look w/ Uggs
I feel like so much is finally coming together with baby girl's nursery.
I am not going to have a "theme" but I know that I want it to look 
pretty, girlie, beautiful, peaceful, happy, and be a place were I love spending a ton of time!
Like I wrote in this post here,
I want to include her name/monogram on things.
I also think I'll use some pictures from our honeymoon stop in Paris,
keeping it glam & romantic.
I think I need this asap.
At the same time, it'll be plenty playful!!
Hubs finished painting the nursery;
we decided the color yellow = happy, and so we decided on 
fun yellow 
for the walls and a neutral tan carpet.
 We took the closet doors right off, 
and I'm looking into cute organizational systems.
I definitely want fabric boxes to use to decorate/store with.
Last night I met with my mother-in-law Maria to look for fabric...
and we scored!!
I found some beautiful fabric to re-create my dream nursery!
We are making:
crib bumper
crib skirt
throw pillows 
And for baby Brooke's bedding?
I'll give you a sneak peak!
 I seriously felt like Rachel Zoe trying to pick out the fabrics to go with each other.
It was a little stressful but so fun at the same time!!
The main fabric is the pink with white polka dots
and we'll use the rest to create accents in the edging and in her quilt.
It's really awesome being able to create everything from my mind.
I am horrible with a needle and thread, but I'm hoping I can learn a thing or two!
I got so excited last night as it all started coming together in front of my very eyes.
Now we need to get that crib upstairs & put together to measure for the skirt!
It's amazing what joy this little being is already bringing into our lives.
Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. Oh I cannot wait to see it come together. Love the fabric choices!!

  2. So exciting! The fabrics are so cute and girly. Like the yellow paint too. She is going to love her room :)

  3. I really like the pretty fabrics. I love how they're the same shades but different patterns.

  4. i love it!! i can't wait to see it all done!!

  5. Those fabrics are beautiful! Where did you find? I am having so much trouble finding non-obnoxious boy fabric. My mama is going to make everything for me too :) Isn't that such a blessing to be able to make it exactly how you want!

    ps you look amazing!!


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