Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Pregnancy Essentials

It's already Wednesday?! 
I had my husband home with me from Friday evening until just a few moments ago...
It was AWESOME!!
He finished painting the nursery, we spent some QT with my fam,
and he has logged many hours into his Madden '13 game.
Baby & I are doing well, still needing to watch what I eat...
heartburn is a biotch that sneaks right up on me!!
As I near the 23 week mark, 
I really wanted to share what has been so helpful to me.
I saw a few of these early on in my pregnancy, 
and it's always helpful to see what tools other pregos use to keep themselves
as comfy as possible during these beautiful, yet uncomfortable months.
I know there are many awesome products out there,
I simply narrowed it down to what I deem most important during these months.
{I also tried to include a link at description if you're interested in seeing more about the product}
My top ten faves include:

pregnancy essentials

1.  Pre-Natal Yoga.
 I prefer to go to a weekly class, but even the DVD is great.  
The class surrounds you with other positive pregnant women, a helpful instructor, and a wonderful
environment for you and your growing baby. 
Learning the proper yoga moves help with funny aches/pains that come with the growing belly.
I got the above DVD at Target.
2. Maternity Tanks-
  Liz Lange maternity tops from Target are heavenly.
They've helped me stay cool in this unbearable summer heat,
 and I look forward to layering them come fall/winter.
I will be investing in a few t-shirts soon as well.
3. Strappy Sports Bras-
 I gave up on pretty/regular/underwire bras. 
They hurt and I only last in them a few hours.
I live for any tank top/sports bras. It doubles as a cami (or appears as one) under some of my dresses or tanks that I am falling out of, since the girls just won't, stop, growing.
I found cheap, cute, & comfy ones at Wal-Mart. 
4.  Water.Water.Water- 
I seem to drink more when I have the cute tumbler/straw handy.
Some days I am just so parched!!
If I don't drink enough H20, it's easy to get backed bueno.
I would love a super cute monogrammed one.
5.  The Snoogle-
 I personally see a difference in my sleep. 
I tried shoving pillows all around, but this thing just curls up in all the right places.
I highly suggest it!
6.  TUMS (or whatever knock-off brand).
 I have been getting pretty bad heartburn,
especially at night when I lay down...the burning creeps up on me!
I just take one {or two} and it seems to do the trick long enough so I can fall asleep.
7.  Old Fashioned Glazed Donuts. 
 Good luck finding them around here!
I seriously went to two different Timmy Ho's last week and they were out.
That's like KFC being out of fried chicken.
I settled on a sour cream glazed, but I digress...
8.  Maternity Leggings from Gap- 
I am putting tremendous faith in these suckers,
as I ordered 3 pairs and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival.
I love leggings and I have heard wonderful magical things about these.
9.  Burt Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter-
I have tried a few different lotions, but this so far is my absolute favorite.
It contains no parabens!!
I love that it doesn't have a smell (particularly no funny smell!)
It lathers right on and soaks in my big ol' belly so nice.
I love that I can scrape every last morsel out of the tub and not feel like I wasted any.
10. A pregnancy journal-
I just picked mine up at Buy Buy Baby last week when I registered.
I love being able to write down all the different emotions, feelings, thoughts that have gone through
our minds as we enter our journey into parenthood.
It also helps keep a pregnant gal busy, as she anxiously counts down the days
until her little bean is finally here.
Of course I highly suggest a support group of a caring partner, family, & friends.
More than any gadget, it's times when I feel like I'm falling apart,
my sweet husband kindly reminds me, I'm not falling apart, I'm simply pregnant.
On that note, I must get cleaning since we basically lounged aruond
all weekend and I barely touched any sort of cleaning.


  1. I love reading my pregnancy journal from when I was pregnant with Jax. It is crazy how much I have forgotten!!

  2. Great tips, Jenn! I will definitely have to keep these in mind for the future. I love the idea of a pregnancy journal. What a great keepsake you will have when it's all said and done.

  3. This is so helpful for Mama's to be! I love the idea of a pregnancy journal. That'll be fun to look back on!

  4. Glad you're finding the perfect items to keep you comfortable, Jenn! And yayy for that nursery being painted!

  5. I wanna see pix of the nursery :( I'm lovin' the preggo posts!

  6. ok love this! i have Old Navy maternity leggings and love them, I bet yours from the Gap will be even better! do you like the preg yoga dvd? how often do you do it? i have it, I tried doing it and got soooo tired i couldn't finish! can we all agree that being pregnant is flipping hard? i have so much more respect for pregnant women now! :)


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