Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap

What a fun little weekend!
We did get out on Thursday night for our date night...
I got all dolled up, prego style:
Fur vest: Arden B
Tank: Target
Skinny Jeans: Love-Heidi Klum {Motherhood Maternity}
Booties: Target
Bracelets: Stella & Dot
Necklace: Gift from friend
While it ended up being too hot for the fur,
I still had a great time.
We walked into the restaurant Cibon we originally wanted to eat at,
there was one table left outside.
As we told the hostess inside, she said "Oh, if there's a table just grab it."
We turned around, and the couple behind us quickly took over the table.
Didn't she see my belly?! I was hungry!
So we decided not to eat inside, as it's more of a coffee shop feel in there...
decided it wasn't meant to be,
and ended up at a cute little Italian restaurant where we hadn't been before.
You probably needed reservations, and there was a lady wearing pearls,
but they sat us at an empty table for two,
and we enjoyed our meals!!
We immediately thought this would be fantastic place to come back to,
when the snow is falling, and we can escape for a quick little dinner date...
once baby is born.
We'll see!!
 Friday we got up early and headed to the Dr's for our six month checkup!!
Baby's heart rate was 148,
I only gained 4 pounds last month,
and all is well!
We grabbed our traditional bagel sandwiches
and did a little shopping at Marshalls.
LOVE that place.
 Even Daddy picked out some socks, bibs, & pjs for our little one!
He did veto an adorable hot pink Guess two piece suit...
and anything that said "Juicy" haha.
I love him and how over-protective he already is of his little girl.
We got home just in time as the evening ended with lots of rain,
and so he put together the crib!
Clearly our current "baby" was a lot of help!!
I totally fell asleep on the couch and ended up making cereal for dinner.
I am getting a lot more tired again!!
Saturday was perfect--
I had yoga in the morning,
cleaned the house a bit,
and got ready for our double date.
Dress: Maternity @ Kohls
Cropped Denim: Maternity @ Old Navy
Boots: E-bay find
Bangles: Wegmans & Charlotte Russe
Polish: Vixen by Revlon
Black bag: Coach
We headed out to a fun Japanese Restaurant
Chris, Jill, & Joe
 Tried to get all four of us...
I was a trooper and lasted out and about until about 11:30.
Yesterday we lounged a bit--
baby has been moving SO much lately!
Joe finally got to see/feel her kick.
She just doesn't stop now; I love it!
We headed out to the country to visit his grams for Pasta Sunday.
Nothing like an Italian family.
They're so excited to meet baby girl!!
It will make Grandma a "Great-Grandma"!!
Of course we came home watched those NINERS win!
 Hope you all had a beautiful weekend.
Now time for that never-ending housework...
{found on Facebook, true or what?!}


  1. I love the crib! I wish I would've went with white/beige instead of expresso finish. Oh well, maybe next time? ;)

  2. You look SO cute!! FAB preggo outfits girl!

  3. Love the outfit, especially the vest and boots! Glad you had a good date night :)

    And good to hear baby is doing well. The crib is adorable. I bet you are anxious to get the nursery all put together!

  4. Love all your pregnancy outfits! You are working it!

  5. Such a cute preggo, you are! And I agree with your instagram comment on my baby; your pup and mine DO look alike, so sweet!

  6. You look beautiful! I love it that you still dress cute while pregnant instead of loafing around in ratty sweats. And I think your other "baby" is adorable. :)

  7. ahhh stop being so cute!!! making the rest of us look like preggo slobs!

  8. you are adorable! and the crib is adorable:) you have to be getting excited!

  9. I Lllooovvvve your maternity style, you are one hot mama!! So excited to keep reading your blog!

  10. Soo many beautiful outfits, Jenn! I hope I look that good someday pregnant!

    Sounds like such a fun weekend! I love your description of the Italian restaurant- "some woman was wearing pearls" made me laugh :) But looking at the photo I agree, I bet it would be such a cozy place to dine on a snowy night!

    The crib looks soo pretty! :) Cannot believe she's going to be here so soon!


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