Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Fun Day & this Week's Meal Plan

Happy Monday!!
I had a great day with the husband, my sister, her friend Lindz,
 my bro Tyler & brother in-law Uncle Rico.
We grilled sirloin burgers, watched football, and just hung out.
I love this season!!
GOOD JOB 49ers!!
There's something about a house full of people, football commentators,
husbands yelling at the TV, and the smell of pumpkins, apple & spice in the air,
that makes me a happy girl.
The dogs played all day, so they're pretty much down for the count today.
I'll be cleaning up the house & putting out some more fall decor.
Time is really flying by!
 Meal Ideas for the Week:
I just took inventory of what's in my fridge/freezer,
[a very easy/smart way to use up food & save $$]
Here's what I'll be whipping up this week for lunches & dinners--
And I have made this before, hubs loved it:
Chicken Thighs 

Minus the hot pepper...
Giada's Mint Pasta

Sweet & Sour Chicken

I'm definitely on a trial & error diet lately...
Some foods {fatty/fried/butter/tomatoes/onion/citrus}
are just not making me feel good at all.
darn you heartburn/reflux
We have tons of tomatoes and LOVE tomatoes in this house, 
and I can barely eat them.
It is making meal planning a bit tough.
Do you know how bad I want Mexican?!
I'm just not willing to deal with the consequences...quite yet.
I am also seriously in need of a date night!!
I am putting it on the calendar,
and we have GOT to get out of this house on Saturday night.
We have said we're going to go out the last two weekends,
and by the time he gets home from work,
I'm just too blahhhh to get dolled up.
I know I'm pregnant, but I have cute fall shoes that need to be worn!!
Before I know it, baby will be here and it'll be forever before we get out again.
Here's to an awesome week!


  1. Yes, go 49ers! I definitely was rooting for them to beat the Packers, so glad they did-- it was an exciting game too! :)

    Get those fall shoes out girl!!! ;)

  2. That Sunday sounds AMAZING! It's finally cool in Cincinnati (hopefully it stays that way), and this weather has such an incredible impact on my mood! I sleep so much better in this weather, too. I LOVE FALL!

    PS Thanks SO much for the coffee maker suggestion! I think we will go with a relatively inexpensive one from Target!

  3. I am definitely wanting to try my own version of sweet & sour chicken - that one looks yummy!

  4. Oh yum! I want to make these meals too.

    And def get the date night in, I always think that nothing tops a date might. Besides there is no better excuse to wear new shoes :)

  5. All of your meals look super yum!

  6. Your meal plan sounds amazing. I'm coming to your house for dinner haha.

    Hope you and the hubby have a fun date night. It's a must!


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