Thursday, September 13, 2012

This & That on a Thursday

Well, lookie lookie, it's already Thursdeeeeeee!!
Like I told my husband yesterday, I am eerily on top of things around here.
How so, you ask?
I've managed to keep the whole house very clean...
despite the small dogs worth of fur Sadie is shedding.
The "guest room/my closet" has been completely moved into & set up.
I've decorated a bit for Fall...
No real Halloween Decor yet.
Front Porch
 Front Door
 Dining Room
Baked Apple Pie in the Scentsy--smells amazing!
 Dining Room table
 Living Room
I've caught up on all the laundry, 
[including baby girl's clothes all washed, dried & folded/hung]
Say what!?
{I really think the "do one load a day" rule helps immensely!}
I'm having so much fun finding decor/organization for Baby Brooke's room.
I  need to pull my coupons out and do a grocery store run for today.
I've been able to find new blogs to enjoy, comment on old ones, & keep up with my own posts.
I'm even making time to read my summer book--
which, might I add, I bought on Nook to read on my Ipad and I am really appreciating that.
It's so easy to read to fall asleep without having an extra light on & I can curl up under covers,
and turn the 'page' with a finger.
So all in all, I'm feeling very proud of myself & loving the way I feel.
I'm sure soon enough I'll be so big and uncomfortable, 
I am SO thankful for these weeks right now where I can still get tons done!!
Mama in-law came over yesterday to measure & cut the curtain fabric for
baby girl's room.
Now I can wash it in her sweet smelling baby detergent & iron.
Monday we'll commence the sewing!!
First Cut!!
 I get to decide where I want which fabric squares for her quilt!!
I even used up some zucchini laying around...
{Recipe: From that good ol' book Better Homes & Garden
 I doubled the recipe, gave one loaf to my in-laws as a thank you
and added chocolate chips on top to mine...
And we have re-discovered the joy and necessity of  
Date Night
Husband came home from work on Tuesday and asked what was for dinner...
I rattled off a small list of things we had that I could make.
He said he was in the mood for sushi, and I could get hibachi.
I was shocked, as we never go out.
He told me it's because usually when he gets home the house smells so good
from whatever I'm cooking, we usually don't have a choice.
I never even thought of that!!
I just get caught up in my meal planning/making, which I enjoy,
but also enjoy a break from once in awhile.
So we headed out for a little bite to eat on an impromptu date night.
I put on some heels!!
I love how sexy pair of pumps makes ya feel.
Heels: Steve Madden
Tank: Wal-Mart (non maternity)
Vest: Charlotte Russe
Leggings: Gap Maternity--TOTALLY WORTH $$
Necklace: Wet Seal
Watch: MK
Purse: Coach
 I quickly resumed my spot on the couch, laying on my left side after we got back.
But it felt so good to get out of the house, away from the pups,
 & the only worry was enjoying the food prepared for us.
Rumor has it we may sneak in another one tonight after his hair cut!
There's a trendy little Italian Bistro we haven't been to in awhile.
Can't wait!!


  1. I agree, a good pair of pumps can make you feel so good!

    That food looks amazingggg.

    And I just started putting some fall decorations out too. I'm not ready for cold weather just yet, but hopefully the decorations help prepare me for cooler days.

  2. Pregnancy looks so good on you lady! I can tell you are have a case of "nesting fever!" You look fantastic, and the decorations are adorable. I still haven't decorated for fall although I took a trip to Pier 1 to pick up some new stuff yesterday. I'm waiting to decorate when we get back from Disney. I'm planning a little "going away" party and I don't want a ton of things going on at once!

  3. I always read your posts and think, "Oh my gosh. Jenn and her husband have THE happiest house!!" :)

    Oh, and that chocolate chip studded bread looks beyond delicious.

    And you're looking so fabulous!! Pregnancy has definitely not kept you from continuing to wear gorg outfits!

  4. I love all the fall decorations! It looks amazing!

  5. Everything looks great! The scarecrow is adorable. And the table in your dining room you have set up so pretty. Bring it on, Fall.

    Yay for date night :)

  6. I love zucchini bread, and yours looks yummy with the chocolate chips. I like the orange and yellow colors in your dinning room. Your house looks all set for fall!

  7. Isn't that the BEST feeling? I love when I can cross things off my ever growing to-do list. I need to get going on my fall decorating, I love your style!

    xoxo andrea

  8. Loving your fall decor, so pretty!

    I agree, a pair of pumps can make me feel so sexy and confident! Glad y'all got to have a date night :)


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