Thursday, September 6, 2012

Girls' Night: Breakfast for Dinner

Yesterday was our monthly 
Girls' Night!!
I thought I'd rock my pink tank & zebra belt for the occasion.
Tank: Target
Maternity leggings: Target
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Lip Gloss: Mary Kay
Makeup: BE
We love getting together, but as we are {gasp} getting older,
going out to the bars and such, just ain't our thang.
We adore the coziness of staying in, sipping on something special,
and taking turns preparing yummy meals for one another.

{google images}
 So we decided to do a "Breakfast for Dinner" theme last night.
Alison hosted,
Kristin brought quiche appetizers,
Matty was in charge of salad,
and I had dessert.
We pulled together quite the feast!
[as per usual]
Alison made homemade pumpkin bread for french toast,
then used cast iron skillets to prepare it on the grill!
She's amazing.
So is her food.
Thanks for the leftovers girlfriend!!
She was all decorated for fall.
They all enjoyed Wine Slushies.
I dutifully sipped my water.
 Matty's yummy fruit salad!
Kristin prepping for her first day of Kindergarteners!
And I decided to go all out and bring an evil evil dish.
The Pioneer Woman's Monkey Bread.
 It's a cheap dessert & beyond easy to make.
3 cans of buttermilk biscuits {$.59 each}
2 sticks of butter
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
3 tbl cinnamon
The Pioneer Woman's Monkey Bread.
And it's not healthy, clearly.
Look at all that butter!!
I love how cool it looks.
We enjoyed it by the fire...
We have officially been meeting once a month for a year.
I can't believe how much has changed in one year!
I am so blessed to have these friends.
Happy Thursday!


  1. you are so cute in that outfit!! and i love breakfast for dinner in fact that is what i am making tonight pancakes, sausage and eggs! and i think we have the same fire pit, in fact im certain we do

  2. your outfit is the cutest!

    such a fun idea for a girl's night. i love girl's nights too ... and it is so true. as we get older it is just so much more fun to gather at each other's homes and enjoy each other's companies.

  3. Ummm seriously?! Can I have some of that bread??? Totally need to make that now!! Thanks for sharing, and you look super cute in your outfit!!

  4. That sounds like a blast, and my mouth is watering!

  5. i think its GREAT!!!to have girls night its needed i think.. Theres only so much your husband will let you bitch about right? lol.. you look CUTE!!!

  6. The breakfast food on the grill looks amazing! And that monkey bread... omg! Yum!

    Love your hot pink tank with the zebra belt!

  7. A few things...You look like a total plilf in that there a guy in your GNO group, I love it...I make Paula Deens monkey bread for birthday breakfasts and Christmas morning but this looks juicier so I am switching:) You are sexy and I love it!!


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