Friday, January 13, 2012

DIY Chai Latte

As with any recipe, you need quality ingredients. 
If you buy cheap products, it may taste that way.
Just saying.
We love these drinks and they can be a pretty penny at the Bux.
We started making our own
Chai Lattes
You need really good milk {whatever floats your boat}
I've tried:
The best BY FAR has been glass jar whole milk.
Go figure.
There are two great choices for the chai:

The recipe:
Equal parts of each & bring to a light roaring boil
(ex. 1 cup of tea = 1 cup of milk)
{When it begins to bubble, WATCH it otherwise you will have milk runneth over}
{I get caffeine free because of Joe's Crohn's}
I like to make it boil so that gives the frothiness
that an actual espresso/latte maker would give you.
Pour into adorable mugs and enjoy with your sweetie 
{or friend, loved one, whomever!}
We still enjoy them out and about, but when at home...
Do you have any at home hot drink recipes?


  1. I NEED to make these this weekend. We are snowed in!! :)

  2. I LOVE Oregon Chai mix!! I love chai latte in general...looove it :)

  3. Oh my! This looks/sounds amazing! YUM.

  4. This just look so YUM! I cannot wait to try this! I will be buying some while we're out and about (at the NEX..) tomorrow!!! :) YUMMMMMMM!

    Thanks so so so much for sharing!


  5. I love Chai tea and Chai lattes! In the past I had such a hard time with the Tazo Chai tea, but love the Oregon kind! Cute coffee mugs! Y'all are adorable!!

  6. Sounds super yummy!! I'd totally use coconut milk tho.. haha!! My latest kick is a Vanilla Maca Latte -- it's freakin' superb!

  7. Oh I've never tried a chai latte before! I guess i'm missing out! Next time I go to town i'll have to pick up the stuff! Thanks for sharing girl!

    xo Julia


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