Thursday, January 12, 2012

Domestic Diva's Dinner Disaster!

Well, after several delectable dinners in a row, 
this domestic diva, had a dinner disaster.
It brings me back to the quote, "You just can't do it all."
Remember how excited I was to make hubs
Orange Chicken in the slow-cooker?
It started out all fine and dandy.
Mother-in-law came over for lunch leftovers,
we had eggplant parmesaen casserole 
and oven baked crispy pork chops
with a savory salad.
After they left, I ran to the store to get the fozen OJ concentrate.
I pan-fried the chicken and stirred up the orange glaze.
And threw it in the slow-cooker.
It said to leave it on low for 5-6 hours, and a worry 
went through my mind because I knew this crock gets mad hott!
I left at 3 and Joe got home at 8 and turned it down to warm...
when I got home around 9 it looked like this:
I decided to post my imperfections because this is life!
I am an amazing cook.
However, I am also human!
I still doubt that Giada has any flops, she's perfect in my book.
I promise to keep it real on my blog always.
I'd like to try this recipe again, but I will be home monitoring it!
Next time I do a slow-cooker recipe when I'm not home, 
I'll stick to a soup or something super easy haha!!
At least I burned some major cals at Zumba
while the chix burned at home.
I also snuck in some twin-time and girl time with Al.
And I can share with you, lovely readers, that even a hot housewife like myself
can suck in the kitchen!
So I hope to redeem myself today and will share with you
some recipes I have made this week that were edible.
{side note: I ate mine solely because I was ravenous after so much cardio.
Hubs however, settled for a good ol' pb & j.}
Good thing he still loves me!!
Does anyone else feel like Brad Paisley writes love songs about them? 
Or am I weird? 
There are so many I relate to! 
It's fabulous. 
I love them.


  1. I made that the other day and it looked exactly the same, I'll post a picture tomorrow, mine looks bad!

  2. Loving the alliteration in the post title...haha and oh my gosh!!! This made me laugh! My cooking turns out like this ALL of the time.

  3. I have to admit, this post made me laugh a little because I've been where you were SEVERAL times! Recently, I prepped a beautiful looking crock pot breakfast casserole before bed and woke up to a half charred inedible disaster. You can't win 'em all I suppose!

  4. haha I can totally relate to this! When Clayton and I first started dating my cooking was limited to microwave dorm meals! I tried to make chicken fetuchini for us one time and absolutely charred the meat and he still ate it! It's okay to make mistakes in the kitchen -- that's how you learn!

  5. is it me or does that meal still look good? haha.

    i've had the moments when everything looked like it was going well until it was time to eat it, haha.

  6. I can totally relate! I've burned my fair share of meals!

  7. We all have those days! There are days I look at a meal I made and all I can think is what did I do wrong? Hope your having a wonderful day!

  8. Our crock pot gets SO hot, too! I'm always worried I'm going to come home from work to a burnt mess. I actually made pulled pork in our slow cooker yesterday, and I was especially worried it was going to burn. Thankfully it ended up delicious (and was so easy!) I usually add a little more liquid/sauce than the recipe calls for just in case. Orange chicken sounds delicious, though!

  9. Well, I was suppose to make this last week and am now glad I didn't. It would have been in the crock pot on low for 8 hours...

  10. I've done that too but with slow cooker Fiesta Lime chicken. Boo

    I want to try the recipe too, it looked so tasty before you left.

    How else was dinner??

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