Saturday, January 14, 2012


If you don't have a Scentsy product yet, what are you waiting for??
I offered Erin a post on my blog today, to help her reach her goal.
She's so close, let's help her and her ma get to Punta!!
Hi Everyone! I am a Star Consultant with Scentsy Wickless Candles. I am so thankful for great new blog friends who go above and beyond! (Thanks Jenn!) I am working to earn an all expenses paid trip to the gorgeous Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for me and a guest (my awesome mom). The qualification period ends January 31st and I am $480 in Scentsy sales away from meeting my goal! Scentsy has so many awesome products...this month's warmer (the oh-so-cute Valentine) and this month's scent (the very popular Linger) are both 10% off.
I want this one sooooo bad!!
We also have 20 old scents back on the market for this month only as part of the Bring Back My Bar campaign (I am in love with Coffee Tree, Cinnamon Cider, and Cranberry Spice). So blessed to have great friends supporting my can order on my website at and it will be shipped directly to you. When I meet my goal, I will be giving away 5+ half-price items to those who ordered this month! Order now and get your name in the drawing!
Thanks everyone for your help!

Erin has been awesome with every purchase I have made.
I have not been disappointed!
Here are a few photos of how Scentsy is used in my home!
In our living room a little Central Park Praline--my current obsession!
I still have Festival of Trees going in the Dining Room:
A close-up-so pretty!
I gave my sister & her fiance one for Christmas.
They bought a new home this past year and it is the perfect house-warming gift!

They love it!!
The best part {besides the amazing smells!} is that each bar is only $5.
You can't find any candle that smells that good, for that price.
Plus, you cannot put a price on safety.
I love that if I accidentally leave my scentsy on, there is not an open flame...
No fire hazard.
Peace of mind is everything.
Click below and help a sister out while making your home smell so sweet!


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