Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Secret Santa Reveal & My Fun Gifts!

Today we are finally getting to link up for:
These three ladies really went all out and organized this fabulous swap!
Each person received someone to shop for, 
and a different person shopped for us!
We filled out a questionnaire about ourselves, 
sent out a Christmas Card and then sent gifts around Christmas time.
It was awesome!
I was Megan's Secret Santa.
I had so much fun shopping for her, as she seems like such a sweet girl!
If you want to see what I got Megan, click here!
I was completely spoiled by Michelle at Making Sense of Cents.
I got a super cute card:
And all these goodies!!
1.  Super fun Lauren Conrad earrings. 
I probably wouldn't have picked them out for myself, but now that I own them, 
I wear them all the time. {One of the perks of a secret santa!}
2. Peppermint Bark. It's already gone. Need I say more??
Seriously delish.
3. Mascara--again, something I normally wouldn't buy. I am a tried and true L'Oreal double end mascara wearer, but I actually liked this stuff. 
I will most likely be buying some on my own when this runs out!
4.  A beautiful frame.  I love it!
I had an extra picture printed out from our last cruise, looks great!
5.  An awesome wallet/clutch. I haven't used this yet, mainly because I haven't really gone any place to show it off, but I cannot wait to do so!!
Thank you so much Michelle!!
I really love everything!!!!!
I am so lucky I got two great people to get to know better!
If you're interested in a fun swap or anything fun at all really, you need to 
follow these girls.
Thanks again for all of the hard work that went into this swap.
It was amazing!
Have you done a swap? 
Share your swap goodies stories with me!!!

*Have you entered my Tastefully Simple Giveaway?


  1. Awww I'm glad you're getting good use out of everything!

    And I loved those earrings so much that I bought a pair for myself also, they are too cute.

  2. Cute swap idea! Love the LC earrings!

  3. those earrings are gorgeous on you, michelle picked out a great pair! and peppermint bark is always a necessary part of life :-)

  4. I am so glad you enjoyed everything so much! It was definitely fun getting to meet new bloggers! I love those earrings Michelle got you! Looks like you racked up!

  5. You definitely got so many great items! Props to Michelle for being a great secret santa!

  6. The swap was so much fun! Looks like you received some fabulous things! Peppermint Bark is my favorite. I think the frame is gorgeous, and I love those earrings.

  7. You got great items!! You had an amazing Secret Santa!

  8. How fun! You got some great gifts!

  9. ah you got some great stuff! i especially love those earrings!

  10. You definitely scored big! I love blog swaps - you always seem to get things you wouldn't purchase yourself, but end up loving just the same!

  11. What cute stuff! Michelle was definitely good to you! Just found your blog on the link-up and am a new follower!

  12. Such a great swap! Loved the earrings!

  13. Those earrings are gorgeous!


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