Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ring Bling Link-up

I just had to link up with the lovely CMae today to showcase the symbol of our love!
Before I knew how awesome blogging was, I did join The Knot.
You can find our entire engagement/how we met saga 
As for the ring?
He did very well!!
He asked my opinion a long time he popped the question,
and I told him I liked simple, but I really loved the small diamonds on the side.
He had my ring custom made.
He looked at several diamonds, but he said that the one he actually chose,
sparkled so much more than the others.
He literally held the diamond in his hand before it became part of my ring!
I just find that so sweet and special that he did it all by himself.
He said when he held this one, he just knew.
He did it all behind my back and it was a total surprise.
He also planned on giving it to me later, but when he picked it up, he just couldn't wait!
Some of the first few pics I took:
It's a 1.34 carat, but I don't know all the other details.
It's breathtaking.
I still stare at it all the time!!
We then had our bands made.
I chose to have an eternity band {diamonds all around}
All of our rings are white gold.
His says, 7-10-10 on the inside.
{so he doesn't forget, j/k!!}
He made sure to have the rings made extra sturdy, since I'm not as dainty as I'd like to think I am.
I'm always doing a lot.
My rings are with me 24/7.
The only time I take them off are when we are doing something crazy like
exploring Caribbean islands or swimming.
In which case, I lock them up in a safe.
What's your ring bling story??
Link up here!

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  1. Just gorgeous! I'm just like you - my rings are super sturdy and my husband made a lower setting because I am always knocking into things! :)

  2. Your ring is beautiful! I love the little diamonds on the side too, really pretty!

  3. Beautiful! :) Love your ring! I linked up too!


  4. Your rings are so pretty! I love the story behind them!! Someday I will link up to something like this and show off my rings. ;)

  5. What a beautiful ring! I would stare at it all the time too!

  6. Love your rings! They are absolutely beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous!! They look a lot like my set!! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Love it !! Thank you so much for linking up today and sharing your story with not only me, but others!

  9. Beautiful photos! :) I loved reading your story :) this was such a fun link up! Happy I found your cute blog through it!

  10. what an absolutely beautiful ring jenn!! i love how you mention all the care and attention he put into selecting the diamond, he obviously really really loves someone ;-)

  11. So gorgeous! He definetely did very good!

  12. Here from the link-up. Absolutely gorgeous rings!

  13. Love your rings!!! My husband had my rings custom made as well!!

  14. Gorgeous ring!!

    Happy New Year!

    megs [at] Shine On

  15. your ring. omg...TO DIE FOR

    gorgeous!! and you! I love that he got it custom made for you...that is EXTREMELY special :-)

    haha i want a ring!


  16. love your ring. it's pretty.
    btw I like how you got your wedding date engraved on his wedding ring. My husband lost his ring at the gym (im still mad about it) so he needs a new one.

  17. Your rings are absolutely stunning, Jenn!!! I love the fact that your husband did all of the choosing himself. I think that makes it all especially thoughtful and meaningful! :)

    Oh, and now I am going to be a total creep and go read your whole "how we met" story...

  18. Love love love your ring!! It's stunning! He did great!

  19. Love your ring it is so beautiful!!!



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