Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Rewind: OOTD & a New Recipe!

Friday night was so much fun!!
I started getting ready, and had a minor dilemma.
Black peep-toe booties, or over-knee brown suede boots?
Le sigh.
Poor me, I know. 
Such big problems.
So, who better to turn to than twitter!
I took each vote into consideration 
and even painted my toes in case the booties won.
The weather wasn't bad here, so I thought for sure I'd go with the peeps.
Pix were taken as hubs yelled, "WE GOTTA GO!!"
Black Shirt: Banana Republic
Vest: Arden B.
Jeans: Seven {Skinny}
Peep-toe booties~Charlotte Russe~didn't wear~
Brown Boots: Aldo
Jewelry: Coach {can't see it, doh!}
We met at a little restaurant right around the corner,
from where we live.
It's usually really really delicious!
It was at best, okay.
I think my master cooking skills are starting to really
hurt our dining out experience.
We are beyond picky now. 
So, here goes.
I ordered the "King Cut" Prime Rib, thinking I'd have
tons of leftovers for lunch the next day.
I asked for it medium-rare.
The one pictured above came out and in all my excitement, 
I remembered to take a picture!
Then I sliced into it, and realized there was no pink
what-so-ever-and it was borderline dry.
I never do this, but I told the waitress.
She said they ran out of prime rib.
What, what? 
{It was only 6:45?!?}
She returned with a steak about a 1/4 of the size
and it was pink, but very fatty.
I ate what I could, but was not impressed.
We told the waitress anyway, again, I never do this.
She felt bad and wished I said something before I ate that one.
I explained, it was okay, 
but just really not a choice steak to be serving customers.
Well, wouldn't you know one of the owners saw my steak and also
thought it was a very bad cut/piece and so she didn't charge us the $26.
Pretty nice, eh?
Guess it's ok since we drank another bottle of Australian Pinot Noir at $22.
So, the moral, be polite, but be honest.
As I learn to cook better, I really appreciate feedback.
Obviously, manners get you everywhere and I was slightly blushing
and a bit embarrassed to tell them I wasn't satisfied...
but it was worth it!
I'm not saying go out and complain 
about something at every meal you dine out for, 
I actually know people who do this for freebies tacky
but if you're like Joe and I and expect to go all out and pay for a quality meal,
it's important that that happens. 
And if it doesn't, the restaurant owners need to know.
Moving along...
We stopped at another local pub for a drink.
And then...
I didn't take many other pictures. 
and if I did I'm not posting them!!
I hadn't bowled in years.  
We had so much fun, my arm and left bum cheek is actually sore!
Oh, and remember how hubs was rushing me?
I didn't end up wearing socks with my boots, 
I figured it was just a quick dinner.
Yeah. Wrong!
Luckily we swung by our friends' house and I borrowed a pair of socks.
Can you imagine not wearing socks in a pair of used bowling shoes? 
Yeah. Me either!
We got in around 1:30am...big night out for us old folk!!
Which left us being:
That's what we were yesterday!
I'm talking about breakfast in bed {for hubs}
Watching a Kardashian marathon I must have been really out of it!
Finally emerged from the house to go buy food for dinner.
We are true travel junkies and watch Anthony Bourdain No Reservations.
Well, he was visiting the US/Mexico border and we saw him eat
this amazing chicken roll-up.
We may or may not have the recording on our iPhone.
It went something like this:
So it doesn't really have name...
 A Grilled Bacon Chicken Roll-up
Stuffed with Cheddar Cheese,
Chopped onion
chopped jalepeno
Slather on Teriyaki sauce last 2 minutes of grilling.
I'm not a huge Teriyaki fan, but this has me changin' my mind.
Spicy, but sweet and salty.
Every taste-bud experienced something with each
scrumptious bite.

And today we enjoyed our long drive out in the country.
Sippin on Starbucks Chai Lattes.
Dreamin big dreams of someday owning a lot of acres, a big country home,
enough land for gardens and clotheslines,
free space for kids and dogs to roam,
and a wrap-around porch with matching rocking chairs.
Oh and his crazy 10-car garage.
Dream big, or don't dream at all!
We had a tasty organic beef & vegetable stew,
and as I put this blog post together, 
hubs has been "saving the world" 
COD style.

What did you do this weekend?
Oh, you haven't entered my GIVEAWAY yet?? Hurry!! 


  1. Wow those roll ups look sooo good! I might have to steal that recipe girl!

  2. Date nights are always so much fun! Love your outfit!

  3. omg the ROLLUPS LOOK FANTASTIC!! i want to make those!

    also im loving your outfit for date night. the fur vest, skinnies, and boots look fantastic together!

    im the same way about sending food back...i always get so embarressed and worried! but in the end its all good!! :-)


  4. Sorry about your bad dinner experience! But glad you got a free steak out of it, and that recipe looks SO yummy!

  5. That outfit is so cute!! I really need a furry vest, but I'm worried it will just sit in my closet!

    I'm not usually a bowler, and don't really enjoy it, but I usually end up doing pretty well! I just find it kind of boring!

    This weekend I didn't much at AT ALL. I saw New Year's Eve with my mom, had a fun happy hour on Friday and brunch with friends on Sunday. Pretty relaxing and chill! :)


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