Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Health Tips {that work!}

Some healthy tips from me to you!
I have been drinking water like it's my job!
It helps when I work out because I naturally want to drink more.
We keep a Brita filled in the fridge
and I stock glass Voss bottles with water for us to grab on the go.
I love lemon water. 
However, I don't order it in restaurants,
for fear they may not thoroughly wash a lemon that may have rolled on the floor.
We know people who deliver produce, it happens people!!
-Click on the picture for 5 important reasons-

 My version:
 Organic strawberries & a wedge of
Laughing Cow Light Swiss = YUM
Boiling water and putting lemon is also fabulous for our digestive systems.
I do this if I'm not in the mood for cold. 
Try drinking some first thing in the morning to get yourself going!
Sometimes I crave something a bit more than plain water, but not soda pop.
 I know how bad regular and diet pop is for me, so I steer clear and have only a few a year.
It's not too hard to kick that habit.
I will enjoy this:
Or get a little fancy pants with this:
I feel much better the more water I'm drinking.
Funny something so simple, works so well!
I will also drink Green tea a lot.

It's important to feed yourself proper nutrition all day,
and especially after a workout.

My Post Workout:
It's important to fuel your body.
I am loving this whey vanilla protein
Not a lot of sugar/carbs but tons of protein!!
I got form a natural foods store here.
I usually switch the milk up
-whole milk
Or I'll have some version of my Wheat Grass Smoothie 
I feel so good after this healthy drink.
What do you refuel with post workout?


  1. Nice pictures! I drink a lot of green tea because it relaxes me. I like the ritual of tea. I also keep a water bottle with me to rehydrate. I never drink soda, but only because I can't swallow the bubbles (they make me gag).

  2. I've never thought to boil water & then add a lemon. Love the idea!!

    megs [at] Shine On & Skinny Up

  3. I loooove lemon water, but I've never tried boiling water and then adding a lemon. Will have to do that soon!

  4. These tips are great thank you so much. I'm making a trip to the Health store


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