Monday, January 2, 2012

I Workout 2012

New Year, New Me!
Well, at least a better one.
Remember, tomorrow you can always be better.
I'm guest posting at Pamela's blog Our Love Nest today about eating healthier,
Paleo, to be exact.
"Diets" don't work for me.
But this one continues to work really well for a good friend of mine!
I just need to eat cleaner ie. more veggies & fruits! no more cookies & crap
We eat a lot of organic, whole foods, but the holidays were extra tasty.
I have also started moving a lot more and I can already feel a difference.
I love Zumba
But I know I need to build muscle and add more cardio each week.
I tried IM=X Pilates last week.
IM whaaat?
I haven't really taken a Pilates class, so I had no clue what to expect.
We had a yoga mat, a body bar, and this thing:
 I thought I was fairly graceful, 
until this thing went in between my legs!
The instructor made it look so easy.
As did the 70+ grammas sportin purple velour jumpsuits.
I was literally laughing at myself.
And I got frustrated because I didn't feel like I worked out.
That day.
The next day and the day after--HOLY ABS! 
{or area in which said abs should be}
It felt great.
I will be going back!
Other workouts:
-Stationary Bike
-Hubs just bought one of those stability balls,
so we've been crunching on that.
I enjoy classes at the Y or home DVDs my two faves:
Jillian Michaels
Body by Bethenny 
 -I also walk/jog/run both dogs 45 minutes, which I love doing
-I tried a Bodypump Class
I did not love it. I didn't like the music.
I didn't love the instructor. I am not sure I even liked the concept.
I'll try it again, maybe it was just a first time thing.
I certainly don't love going to the gym.
However, I do love the feeling that I am taking care of my health.
I love feeling good and therefore that transcends into looking good.
I don't want to get all mixed up on numbers on a scale, but I do judge how my clothes feel.
And right now, my Sevens Jeans are not happy with me.  
I think they miss my smaller booty.

What are your workouts? 
I'm tempted to track mine like Alison over on her blog
Is she not awesome or what?! 
 What do you think?
I love new workouts--
share! share! share!


  1. wooo girl i love this post :) i love zumba too and def need to add more yoga to my life and jillian just may be the person to help ha! xo

  2. You know what I did yesterday? Ripped out one of my favorite jeans in the butt. YES. If that is not ... eye opening? I don't know what is. In my defense they were OLD jeans and they had JUST come out of the dryer, so I probably shouldn't have put them on and immediately do a knee bend to stretch them out (RIIIIIPPP!). lol

    I'm going to make 2012 the year for running. I actually hate running, but I know it will get me in shape fast. I also want to try and get to more Zumba and Turbo Kick classes. I did Body Pump in 2008 to get read for a wedding and it REALLY changed the way my body looked. I didn't lose weight, just toned up. The instructor is my friend so I had to like her. lol. ;)

  3. Great post girl. I love Jillian! I totally find writing what I do down helps! Thanks for linking me, so sweet!

  4. i love zumba!! I like to take a zumba class and then do weights and abs for about 30 mins after. I try to squeeze in yoga once a week also since it's a nice way to unwind your muscles and it's still a good core workout!!

  5. I made a resolution to get healthy and walk with my dogs everyday. But their walk pace is jog/run for me so maybe I'll get in shape faster than I hoped! :)

  6. One of my goals is to eat healthier and workout in the New Year! :) I really want to try Zumba! I hope you reach all of your goals!


  7. I just run. It's the only thing I can stick to. Happy new year!

  8. Thanks for the comment, I am now following you! I do winsor pilates and the video I have uses that ring thing too. I love it!

  9. That pilates class looks intense!

    I am a runner, so I try and do so 4 times / week. I also take yoga classes at Bar Method, which is a barre-based strength class. Ooof. It's ridiculous!

  10. Insanity M does and I just run, but I should do insanity too. It's high cardio and you burn a ton of calories plus its full body.

  11. Way to go on starting the new year off on the right foot! I loved the awkward Pilates moment- been there haha :)


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